Tuesday, January 8, 2013

INDIA: New Delhi women aren't waiting for the politicians: They're grabbing their guns to protect against rape

Law enforcement too slow to respond

by Eric Dondero

The rape and subsequent death of 22-year old med student Jyoti Singh Pandey in New Delhi, has sparked nationwide anger not only against the rapists and other criminals who seemingly get away with such crimes, but against India's strict gun laws. India women are especially questioning, why it is they don't have the right to protect themselves against the rapists. They join others who in recent years have questioned authorities and politicians about protection against other violent threats such as terrorism.

From IBT, "Delhi Gang-Rape: Indian Women Stocking Up On Guns For Protection": Delhi Gang-Rape: Indian Women Stocking Up On Guns For Protection.

In response to the highly publicized gang-rape (and subsequent death) of a young Indian woman on a private bus, hundreds of women in Delhi have applied for gun permits for self-defense and protection from predatory men.

Even before this particularly tragic incident, guns – both legal and illegal – proliferated across the width and breadth of India, particularly in dangerous cities like Delhi, where rising violent crime and declining confidence in the police and courts have increased the demand for private gun ownership.
But the brutal attack on the 23-year-old medical student has unleashed not only massive public demonstrations of outrage against India’s patriarchal attitudes towards women, but also sparked calls for tougher punishment against sex criminals and a greater guarantees of personal security.

Declarations by politicians that they will speed the litigation process against violent criminals and beef up police patrols have failed to assuage many women who now seek to take matters into their own hands.
Women discriminated against in applying for Gun licenses

From Russia TV (RT) "Delhi rape spurs Indian women to rush for gun licenses":
Not only do the women of India suffer from male violence with impunity, they are also discriminated against in their rights to legally acquire arms, the Indian National Association for Gun Rights said.

“The fact that even parents are ready to hand over weapons to their daughters shows they are living in fear. There is a 20% increase in self-defence courses across the city,” he concluded.

Out of more than 800 applications for guns received from women over the last two years, only a few dozen have been accepted by the Delhi police, with just a handful of licenses granted on the grounds of personal threats. Others were rejected as “no personal safety threat was assessed,” though “self-defense” is an increasingly popular reason provided in applications.

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