Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hottest Political Babe of 2013 - the nominees

by Clifford F. Thies

Some things cannot be reduced to numbers. Among these things is which female politician is the hottest. That requires judgement. We'd like to say that we would like consider both appearance and political success. But, we're just going to leave to you, the reader, to decide. Below, we have assembled a list of contestants. What we would like is for you to identify which of these contestants should advance to the finalists. The contestants from one of three internet lists of hot political babes. In whittling the contestants down to the finalists, you may vote for up to five.
Mercedes Araoz, Peru, fr. MP, Aprista (left-wing)

Kelly Ayotte, U.S. Senator (NH), Rep. (center-right)

Pam Bondi, Attorney General (FL), Rep. (center-right)

Mara Rosaria Carfagna, Italy, MP, People of Freedom (center-right)

Ruby Dhalia, Canada, former MP, Liberal (social-liberal)

Yuri Fujikawa, Japan, City Councilwomen, Liberal Democrat (center-right)

Setrida Geagea, Lebanon, MP, Lebanese Forces (right-wing)

Kristen Gillibrand, U.S. Senator (NY), Dem. (center-left)

Julia Gillard, Australia, Prime Minister, Labor (center-left)

Nikki Haley, Governor (SC), Rep. (center-right)

Julia Hurley, State Representative (TN), Rep. (center-right)

Alina Kabaeva, Russia, MP, United Russia (right-wing)

Eva Kalli, Greece, MP, Socialist (left-wing)

Cristina Fernandez de Kircher, Argentina, President, Peronista (left-wing)

Rebecca Kleefisch, Lt. Governor (WI), Rep. (center-right)

Elizabeth Halseth, State Senator (NV), Rep. (center-right)

Christa Markwalder, Switzerland, MP, Free Democrat (market-liberal)

Joanna Mucha, Poland, MP, Civic Platform (market-liberal)

Sarah Palin, fr. Governor (AK), Rep. (center-right)

Belinda Stronach, Canada, fr. MP, Liberal (social-liberal)

Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo, Spain, MP, Popular (center-right)

Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine, fr. Prime Minister, All-Ukrainian Union (center-right)
We are considering posting some daily eye candy of the candidates for our LR viewers pleasure. We begin with Eric's personal favorite - Mara Rosaria Carfagna.


Kc Lion said...

Setrida Geagea and Yuri Fujikawa are pretty damn hot.

But my vote would still be for Sarah Palin.

She is absolutely beautiful and her Libertarian streak is more pronounced than the others.

Eric Dondero said...

Sarah's tough to beat.

Kc Lion said...

Right on Eric!

She is Hot, She is Libertarian, She is Blue Collar, She is Electable!

Jemas said...

What on Earth does someone's looks have to do with them being a politician? You'd best get a list of the hottest guy politicians too, unless you want to seem sexist.

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

Typical liberal. Wow. I could have predicted precisely that sort of response from Jemas. What a turd of a human being you are Jemas. A fuckin' squishy-ass, runny brown turd you are.

It's not "sexist" to appreciate female beauty. It's called BEING A HUMAN BEING.

Jemas said...

You know what America-hater? I don't care what you think of me. Given that I'd have to be an America hating, sexist, racist, fascist in order to get your approval, I'm going to take your distaste for me as a compliment.

You know what is sexist? Judging women based on their beauty (which is what this list is designed to do) when those women are in a field that has nothing to do with looks. And it's especially sexist to only judge women on their appearance. You can avoid appearing sexist, just do a list of the hottest Political Hunks. Guys can be hot too you know. Otherwise: sexist.

But then I suppose an America hating, pro-slavery, racist, fascist like you wouldn't be able to understand a concept that complicated.

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

Slavery = IRS

I wish to Abolish the IRS

Racism = Hiring, and College Admissions based on skin color

I wish to Abolish Affirmative Action completely

Sexism = Promoting butt ugly chics as somehow equal to gorgeous curvacious babes

I love hot women

So, you fail on all counts

The Right Guy said...

I wish I could turn sand into gold.

John Morris said...

Sarah first, but um who is that girl on the top right in that latest Israel post? I know she's young but just amazing.

Jemas said...

I love how you didn't respond to the charge of being an America hater. So you know you hate America. It's good to let everyone know how much you hate America and democracy.

Anyway, slavery is working against your will for no money. The IRS takes a portion of your money to pay for the police, the fireman, the roads, the military and other things. Even a first grader could understand how they're different. So, to make it clear, you are losing in an intelligence contest to a first grader.

Also, you put this charming little tidbit into your interview with the Washington Times:

"The Founding Fathers said it, we believe it, and that settles it. Period. End of story."

Well, as much as I admire the Founding Fathers, I am willing to take a more nuanced approach. You are not, and since the majority of our Founding Fathers were slave holders (including 4 of our first 5 Presidents, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, all 4 of them holding slaves while they were serving as Presidents), you are endorsing slavery. I wonder if it's just because you're racist, or because you're just lazy. Probably a little of both.

Which allows me to segue right into racism. Now any 8th grader could explain to you how you're racist (using the large number of 'grahhhh we hate Arabs!" post here). But, as we established earlier, your intellect struggles to beat a first grader, you have a long way to go before beating out an eighth grader. So allow me to put it in basic terms:

Your continued hatred of Muslims in general and Arabs in particular because of their race and religion makes you a racist.

And in a perfect world, you would be right, affirmative action would be racist. However in a perfect world we wouldn't have had centuries of the brutalization, marginalization, enslavement and mass slaughter of people who weren't white. But this is not a perfect world, this is a shit world. Hence it is not racist to give them a leg up based on the centuries their ancestors were not even considered fucking human by our ancestors and being against it does not mitigate your previously established racism.

And finally sexism...actually, I don't even have to write anything. Your comment there is so ridiculously sexist that I don't even need to point out you're sexist. But this is an intellectual exercise, so let's indulge ourselves, shall we?

So, your comment: It is sexist. It is the exact definition of being a sexist, saying things like that. You are now a perfect poster boy for being sexist. Judging women by their looks, in a field that is not based on beauty is pretty much the definition of sexism.

Let's be clear, it's not sexist to give Beauty awards to beautiful women, it's a field based on beauty, that's how it works. But in a field that is completely unrelated to beauty, like say politics, judging women (and only women) based on their physical appearance is sexist. So again: You are a sexist.

So, summing up, you are a sexist, racist, fascist, anti-democracy America hater. You are an all around despicable and generally worthless human being, with politics from the 1500s, morals from the stone age and the intellect of a five year old. And the most alarming thing about you is that some people take you seriously.

Queens, New York, NY

John Morris said...

@ James

What part of Queens are you from?

Ever been to Far Rockaway, where 40years of Democratic dominated politicians stuffed blacks in housing projects an 1-2 hours away from jobs on a barrier island exposed to hurricanes? (Yes, NYC segregated public housing by race till very recently)

Ever seen the South Bronx where Democrat dominated governments displaced 60-100 thousand people to build an expressway to Long Island & then handed more and more land for Yankee Stadium parking lots and garages?

Ever heard the term "negro removal". 1600 majority black neighborhoods were destroyed by government "renewal policies".

Ever heard of The Hill District in Pittsburgh?

BTW- the single group most impacted by affirmative action is no whites but high achieving asians.

John Morris said...


Ironically, Obama actually gave his "You didn't build that" speech in Roanoke, Virginia where urban renewal policies had torn apart a large black community, churches, businesses & schools to build a Coke bottling plant.

(google Roanoke Urban Renewal)

It takes a pretty deep level of ignorance to walk into any American city and just assume the government had done good things. In the South- it's beyond amazing.

John Morris said...


I have posts on my Diggingpitt blog on both the Rockaway public housing disaster & Roanoke, urban renewal.

I would like to cross post them.

Until the reality of what governemnt policies have done is better known, statists will continue to claim to be defenders of the people they hurt.

Jemas said...

Wow that was...fairly off topic John. I live in Astoria by the bye. But by all means, keep pointing out unrelated things.

But I don't think the government is the answer for everything, and I admit they screw stuff up occasionally. They're run by people, people are imperfect. But you will never come up with a perfect solution, one that will fix everything instantly. Because, as I stated in my post, we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a shit world.

And in a shit world, you have to go with the best option available, to work with what you get. And from where I'm sitting, having done my research and thought about it, libertarianism isn't the best option. In fact it's one of the worst options.

Queens, New York, NY

John Morris said...

O f-cking casionally?

You are most definately not very aware of American or even recent NYC history. 1600 black neighborhoods pretty much destroyed along 100's of others.

The official black unemployment rate is over 14! Black youth unemployment about 40%.

By almost every measure things have gone backwards. Google Teenie Harris archive sometime.

How exactly did huge isolated communities of isolated poor end up in places like Ocean Hill or Brownsville, East New York & Far. Rockaway? What the hell happened to Newark?

As to the "topic", if you think this little post about "hot" politicians is worthy of much talk You are just a plain idiot.

John Morris said...

"having done my research and thought about it, libertarianism isn't the best option"

Which is it dude? Eric is either a libertarian or a "Fascist". Anyone who can seriously mix the two hasn't done any research.

The country also wasn't designed as a "democracy", but as a democratic, constitutional republic.

jgeleff said...

Kristi Noem, rep from SD?
And there's a ton of women from Italian politics that are QUITE hot.

Eric Dondero said...

Funny Jerry how so many Italian women in politics are hot; yet just about all Democrat women in the U.S. (save Kirsten Powers and Kristin Gillibrand), are complete butt-ugly dogs.

JasonK said...

Back on topic.....

In no particular order:
Mara Rosaria Carfagna

Yuri Fujikawa

Pam Bondi

Sarah Palin

Rebecca Kleefisch

Jason K.
Phoenix, AZ

Jemas said...

You're right. You can't be a fascist and a libertarian at the same time. Fascism is the worst possible choice. Libertarianism is merely an incredibly bad choice that would destroy economy and society. I figured I would cover my bases, since Eric is a fascist and you are a libertarian.

And yes. Occasionally. The often get things right as well. But again, I am capable of a more nuanced view then "Welp the government screwed something up, we'd best get rid of it." But then, I don't have a mental age of 5, so I'm capable of understanding the world is not black and white. You can tell I have a mental age of above 5, because I don't identify as a libertarian.

But yes, this is a dumb place to be having this discussion. I simply chimed in to point out this dumb and rather sexist and Eric, being a fascist and therefore opposed to free speech that doesn't agree with him, decided to be an asshole. And look a few comments down, there is his being a ridiculous sexist again. So my point is made.

Tell me Eric, how does it matter what a politician looks like, even a female one? Was Indira Gandhi good looking? Or to use a fascist like you, was Margaret Thatcher good looking? How about all of the male politicians? Are they good looking? Or does it not matter what they look like? Because unless it matters what the male politicians look like, then you're a sexist.

Queens, New York, NY