Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Horror in a New Jersey suburb": Arabic named man attacks young white woman, stabs her 20 times at Bed & Bath

Politically Correct media makes Zero mention of his ethnicity

by Eric Dondero

This is the absurd levels that political correctness has brought us too, in 2013 America. Of course, if this had been a white-on-black, or white-on-immigrant Muslim crime, this would be all over the major media. Headlines would read "Brutal Hate Crime in New Jersey... Racist white male..."

As it is just some scattered mentions in major U.S. media, and local coverage in New Jersey and New York. Of course, the London Daily Mail gives it the full coverage it deserves.

Like Obama, the attacker has a Muslim surname, "Tyrik," which according to numerous baby name sites, is Arabic, and given to Arabic children.

Watch the local news report, as the anchor completely avoids labeling this attack as Muslim terrorism or a Muslim-on-American hate crime.

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Rational Nation USA said...

Indeed. The sensitivity of if all.

Or as objrctive individuals would say the insensitivity of it all . Thank you PC for the overwhelming BS.

Les Carpenter
Bringing the Voice of Reason to Light
The Right in MA.

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