Monday, January 28, 2013

Gun prohibition goose step fizzles

Delegate Norton fails again; barely 6,000 gun prohibition goose steppers march to hear her speak

by Bruce Majors

Thousands Attend Gun Control Rally in D.C.

A "national" goose stepping of barely 6,000 (which included dozens of pro 2nd Amendment counter protestors), the day after 400,000 people marched against abortion.

And it was a warmer day and a weekend!

Here's a hint for the prohibition fascists - if you had just gone the day before and found 15% of the pro-lifers who also supported gun control you could have doubled your numbers!

Bruce Majors was the 2012 (Republican-backed) Libertarian Party candidate for Congress in the District of Columbia.


Rita said...

The news media doesn't want low info voters to know that there are far more pro-guns than there is with anti-guns.

Eric Dondero said...

partly right. More so, the media doesn't want the public to know that gun rights is about protecting us from Islamists and the IRS, rather than duck hunting.

Bruce Majors said...

A little extra info and a link to one photo at the local NPR affiliate WAMU

citizen121 said...

the anti-abortion march was not fascism - but the gun control march was. basically you're revealing your true nature. everyone who disagrees with your point of view is a "fascist", although it's abundently clear just how narrow-minded and authoritarian you are.

founding fathers said...

WOW, I found this piece in local paper,it merits real thought. Sport was never the purpose of the second Amendment. Codifying the inalienable right to keep and bear arms resulted
from the profound WISDOM and strong conviction of our farmers that we the people should forevermore be guaranteed the ability to effectively
resist tyranny, oppression and injustice regardless of the source.
As Thomas Jefferson said: When the Government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the Government, there is tyranny.
Hopefully none of us ever need to defend ourselves w/lethal a weapon,
but our history has proven an unending succession of men willing to take all that you have by force if necessary. What sort of weapon are men of that mindset likely to favor? Sanity and wisdom dictate we must be prepared to face Military style high-capacity assault weapons in the hands of totally irrational people.

citizen121 said...

Nah probably not. Elections are never decided by the far left or far right, rather, they are decided by centrists. All of this right-wing hyperbole and hogwash just pushes moderates to the left. Like Bobby Jindal said last week, "Republicans have got to stop being the stupid party". If you want to win an election all of the crap above just makes you look like a bunch if rubes.

Bruce Majors said...

Citizen121 you misunderstood the headline. Fascism refers to the marchers who want to overthrow the Bill of Rights. The march the day before was mentioned as a contrast in numbers to the gun prohibitionists. I have a larger article on it at

citizen121 said...

actually bruce, I understood the headline perfectly. but you missed bobby jindal's message - Stop Being The Stupid Party. your nonsense about "overthrowing the bill of rights" is doing your "cause" more harm than good