Sunday, January 20, 2013

Glenn Beck to go libertarian Disney

You want an Ann Taylor, go some place else… This is where people work and create their own businesses, quintessentially American businesses.

…We have to teach how we grow food… Everything in this Independence Park… we produce more than we consume. -- GB

Excerpted from (leftwing) Crooks & Liars:
Glenn Beck wants to be the libertarian Walt Disney. And he has decided to build himself some kind of libertarian-utopia theme park called Independence, USA where, for a price, you can live out Beck’s dream of America The Way It Should Be: Grow your own food, your own energy and your own media. Plus, there’s a giant phallic symbol of a structure that Beck says represents “man reaching up to find God’s knowledge.”

Beck described his Fantasy Land that, he hopes, will exemplify the “rebirth of our nation through our own principles.”
Editor's comment - Hmmn? A theme park that emphasizes the US Constitution, American Heritage and personal liberties. Imagine that. Actually sounds kind of cool to us.