Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glenn Beck announces global libertarian TV News network

A counter to Marxist CNN and Islamist Al Jazeera?

by Eric Dondero

This is certainly a welcome development for the libertarian movement here in the United States and worldwide. But I've been shocked by the reaction within libertarian circles. Some of the comments on the libertarian blogs and in libertarian media, many from folks who are not even considered libertarians, are highly critical of Beck. They run the gamut from "he's not a real libertarian," to "he's just using libertarian because he knows its cool."

Amazingly one self-described "libertarian" site, Economic Policy Journal, even posits a conspiracy theory that 1980 Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate David Koch and his billions are behind Beck's new network. (As if that's somehow a negative.)
Only time will tell if this is a serious effort to launch a real libertarian network, or an attempt to co-opt the massive youth libertarian crowd created by Ron Paul/ It would also be interesting to know where Beck is receiving funding for his show. It is known there is some degree of contact between Beck and billionaire Charles Koch, who has turned the Cato Institute into an outpost for the pro-war wing of the Ayn Rand movement.
From Buzzfeed, "Glenn Beck relaunching The Blaze as global libertarian network"? expand the news operation in his media company, The Blaze, and refocus it as a libertarian network, opening three foreign bureaus, debuting a nightly news magazine show, and relocating his New York staff to showy new offices.

Beck introduced his ambitious plans by standing in front of a split screen with MSNBC's Chris Matthews on one side and Fox News's Sean Hannity on the other, and bemoaning the fact that cable news has devolved into the "far left [and] far right... yelling at each other."

"We're not gonna play in that crazy space as a network," he said, adding, "I consider myself a libertarian... I'm a lot closer to Penn Jillette than I am to Chuck Hagel."

He said over the next 60 days, The Blaze will open three foreign bureaus in cities that are "important to America." He will also relocate his New York staff from their current midtown offices into a building that will "send a very clear message to everyone in New York... it will piss everyone off."
We here at Libertarian Republican congratulate Glenn, and wish him all the best in his endeavor. He is a libertarian in the truest sense. In fact, he was calling himself a libertarian way back in the late 1990s when he was a sex, booze and rock 'n roll Mancow-style shock jock in the Tampa Bay media market. Funny all these Beck critics don't remember that about Beck. To go from goofing-it-up sex happy shock jock to stridently anti-Islamist, pro-free markets rightwing commentator makes a lot of sense in our right-libertarian eyes.

We're proud to have him our libertarian movement. Best of luck! You've come a long, long ways friend.


Ran / SVP said...

Don't be "shocked" that the leftist infiltration of the libertarian movement should reject a classical liberal in their midst. Then there's the envy factor amongst those who otherwise agree with him on a lot of things.

I wish him success.

BTW, I hear Glenn is hiring. Hmmm...

Eric Dondero said...

There's some dude from the Marxist Mediaite, now claiming to be a "libertarian," blasting Beck and laughing at him for calling himself a "libertarian."

Funny thing, I'VE NEVER FUCKING HEARD OF THE DUDE EVER BEFORE. I know EVERYONE in the libertarian movement, EVERYONE!

And before yesterday this guy WAS NO LIBERTARIAN.

Blatant fucking infiltration.

electromag.11 said...

I can't wait to see Glenn Beck cry (again).

electromag.11 said...


Jason Martin said...

I can understand some of the assumptive disdain towards Beck. I used to have a problem with him as well, but that had to do with the fact that the only times I heard him speak were in little snippets of his show where he may have started talking about religion, which gave me the assumption that he's a just another Limbaugh type neocon. His Restoring Honor rally didn't really help him all that much either. But when I actually started watching his show seriously and saw a couple of interviews with the man, I started to realize that my view on him was wrong. He seems to be very much into individual rights, limited Government intrusion in people's personal lives and personal fiances, and seems to wholeheartedly believe in the fight against Islamic Extremism. Not to mention he has no problem talking against many of the rinos that are currently occupying offices. His Mormon views just seem to be a huge motivating factor behind what he does and who he is.

Best of luck to him and I hope there is more news coming soon.