Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GAZA: Western fashions for men banned: All women now required to wear burkas

Islamic values only in Hamas controlled Palestinian nation

From GatestoneInstitute.org, Hamas's Talibanization of the Gaza Strip:
Those who thought that Hamas would ever establish a modern and liberal regime in the Gaza Strip received another reminder this week of how the radical Islamist movement is pursuing its effort to create a Taliban-style entity in the territory that has been under its control since 2007.

The reminder came in the form of a decision taken by the Al-Aqsa University administration in the Gaza Strip to force female students to dress in accordance with Islamic teachings.

This means that all female students would be required to wear the hijab or niqab which cover their heads and faces.

This latest measure is part of a Hamas campaign aimed at "inculcating [Islamic] values and virtues" in the Gaza Strip, Hamas officials explained.

As part of this campaign, Hamas last week imposed a ban on low-waist trousers, Western-style haircuts and tight gowns.

The decision to ban low-waist trousers and Western-style haircuts is directed against young Palestinian men in the Gaza Strip, who have apparently been exposed to Western fashions thanks to television and the Internet.
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Liberty - In Thomas Jefferson