Sunday, January 6, 2013

GA special election for State Senate: Republican believes his chances are "good" but not comfortable against Libertarian on the ballot

From Eric Dondero:

There's an election on Tuesday. Who knew? And it's quite and important election. It will determine whether or not the Republican Party will have a supermajority in the upper chamber in the Georgia Legislature.

If that's not unique enough, the election pits a viable Libertarian Party candidate against the Republican nominee. There is no Democrat on the ballot.

How viable? Well, Mike Dugan, a "Carrollton building contractor and retired military officer" who beat 4 other rivals for the GOP nomination had this to say (Douglas County Sentinnel):
Dugan said he will also be campaigning “up until 6:59 p.m. on Tuesday.”

“I think my chances are good, but I’m not so comfortable that I’ve stopped campaigning,” he said. “If I’m fortunate enough to win, that’s when the real work begins.”
Did you catch that? A Republican having to campaign up til the very last minute against a Libertarian challenger?

For his part Libertarian James Camp believes he's still the "dark horse" in the race.
“I have no illusions of winning, but I’m sure going to try,” Camp said Friday as he was traveling down Rome Street in Carrollton, making last-minute visits to business owners and their customers. “There needs to be some diversity in state government. We have to get away from the two-party ‘duopoly.’ People have no voice. It’s the party bosses who run things.”
And how aggressively is he campaigning?
Camp, a Temple IT technician, was directing his final weekend campaigning toward reaching what he termed the “super voters,” those who cast ballots in every primary, general and special election and every runoff.

“I’m asking them to come out and vote and ask their friends and family members to vote,” he said. “I’m telling them this election could come down to whether the Republicans will get a super majority in the Senate. With a super majority (two-thirds), they can pass any agenda they want and get it through without opposition.
Editor's note - Of course, we libertarian Republicans would be peachy with a GOP super majority. Camp sounds like a great guy. Best of luck. But if you live in southwest Georgia, please vote for Republican Mike Dugan.


John Morris said...

What's the logic here? A real Libertarian should be thought of as an ally of real small government republicans on most issues.

Even if the guy is a straight line "left wing" libertarian" a single vote is hardly a huge problem.

Honestly, the only people who really will hate a Libertarian taking the seat are likely big government RINOS

John Morris said...
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Chuck said...

Where the hell did you find that shitty clip art?

The Right Guy said...

PRobably google search.