Monday, January 28, 2013

French soldier gets into trouble for using "Call of Duty" skeleton bandana

It's not like the troops stuck a severed head on a stick: That's real warfare

by Clifford F. Thies

Some panty waist back in the rear echelon think it's "inappropriate" that a soldier donned a "Call of Duty" skeleton bandana while taking the battle to the Islamicists in Mali.

See the photo at

Mustn't offend!

This soldier reminds me of the Polish Hussars (calvary) at the Battle of Vienna. With the Ottoman army laying siege on the city, the Pope called upon the Christian monarchs of Europe to relieve the Austrians. The Poles and the Germans responded. When their armies arrived on the scene, they descended on the Ottoman army from the high ground to the east, with the early morning sun behind them.

The Polish Hussars had feathered staves on their horses, which would give off a high pitch whistle when they rode into battle in possibly the greatest calvary charge in history.

The Ottoman army broke under the shock and awe. The Christian armies were going to pursue them, but the French took advantage of the German army being away to invade Bavaria, and the Germans returned to their homeland. The Poles, on their own, could not take on the Ottoman, and besides the Tartars were about. The process of winning back the Christian areas of the Balkans would take two centuries.

For losing the Battle of Vienna, the Ottoman General, Kara Mustafa Pasha, was executed by strangulation, and his severed head presented to the Sultan.

They don't make wars like that anymore. It wouldn't be appropriate.

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The unifying spiritual force, was defeating.