Monday, January 14, 2013

French lance the boil in Mali

by Clifford F. Thies

It is very unusual for the liberal media to offer any criticism of Obama the Great, King Minus, The New Socialist Man Himself, but, there it is, in the New York Times, the sordid story of the catastrophe in Mali.

NYTimes, "French jets strike deep inside Islamist held Mali":

As readers of this blog know, we have been tracking the descent of Mali into radical Islamic hell, following the return to the country of elements of Gadaffi's mercenary army. The response of the Obama administration, as per usual, was to feign concern and do nothing and the basis that, hey, let's not be rash, can't we all just get along, and maybe we could lead somebody else from behind.

As to why we have an Africa Corps, I mean, Africa Command, apparently it's to issue statements as to why they never know what is going on anywhere on the continent and couldn't do anything any way. I mean, why should Mali be any different from, say, Benghazi.

Now comes the French with a small unit in terms of number of personnel, supported by modern (though not "Gen 4.5") fighter planes, to kick some ass in the rebel-held region of Mali, and restore a semblance of order to the country. The French forces, along with those of the government of Mali, have been pushing inland, the rebel army apparently not being so brave when confronted by people with guns as they are when killing unarmed civilians.

Apparently, French President Hollande could no longer wait for the United States to do whatever it might eventually do to arrange a cease fire, commence negotiations, announce a surge along with a pre-determined schedule of withdrawal, issue rules of engagement to handicap our soldiers, and train and equip Muslims in how to kill our soldiers in blue on gray situations.

In terms of how long French forces might remain in Mali, President Hollande said, "as long as necessary." Already, 1 Frenchman, a pilot, and 11 Mali soldiers have died in the effort to reclaim the country from the Islamists.

France24 quotes one citizen of Mali as saying, "We are proud of the French. We have been suffocating and [France] has given us a breath of oxygen. We are ready to fly Malian and French flags alongside each other.”

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