Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Free State Project Michigan: If at first you don't secede ...

Liber-topia in the middle of the Detroit River?

by Clifford F. Thies

Several entrepreneurs are pitching an idea to the bankrupt city of Detroit: $1 billion in return for allowing Belle Island to become an independent commonwealth.

(Source: DetroitNews.com)

Belle Island is a 982 acre island in Detroit River, a municipal park of the city of Detroit, connected to the mainland by the MacArthur Bridge. The entrepreneurs envision the island being developed into a permanent home for 35,000 people, along with associated businesses.

Currently, the island costs the city $6 million a year to run, generates no tax revenues, has run-down, dilapidated buildings and facilities. The city father's are opposed to any proposal that doesn't involve unionized municipal workers from Detroit, minority set-asides, and the requisite amounts of bribes and kick-backs. The idea of getting $1 billion in one fell swoop seems lost on them. Perhaps if the exchange consisted of money in so many suitcases full of non-consecutive hundred dollars bills, the city officials could better relate to the offer.

Once possession of the island is taken from the city, it would be declared an independent commonwealth, perhaps like the Northern Mariana Islands. In any case, it would be a capitalist utopia, perhaps the first of many. As for becoming a citizen of the Republic of Belle Island, Incorporated, all that would be required is a working knowledge of English, passing a criminal background check, having a high enough credit score, and $30,000 immigration fee.

One word of warning: you better control the borders. You don't want illegal aliens from the United States sneaking in, in order to get free medical care and welfare benefits. Hey, wait a minute, there won't be any.


John Morris said...

Anyway, It's not gonna happen.

I do think however that a serious proposal along with a long list of wealthy investors putting an exact dollar commitment on the table would embarass the city and state government - which claims to want jobs and development.

Michigan policy is to be interested in any project providing it has almost no chance of success while banning anything rational and sane.

Bruce Majors said...


Bruce Majors said...

Sorry I meant to post the link to the new Matt Damon movie attacking sea steading and other such ventures