Monday, January 28, 2013

France kicking ass in Mali

Allons! Enfants de la Patrie. Le jour de gloire est arrivé. Contre nous de la tyrannie... (continuez ici)

by Clifford F. Thies

Funny isn't it, that the Islamist fighters are able to do so well against civilians but can't stand up against people who shoot back?

What happened to the war in Mali? Why isn't the elite liberal media covering it?

O.K., it's a little complicated, but when a western country, assisted by black African forces, is defeating an Arabic African Islamist insurrection, it's not covered. The thing is too complicated for the elite liberal mindset that sees everything in terms of whites versus "people of color" (where the Japanese are treated as white, and soon maybe other East Asians and South Asians as well).

It's like reading Pravda back in the days of the Soviet Union. If Pravda has an article saying wheat has been shown to cause cancer, it means there's been a crop failure.

To bring you up to date on the war in Mali, the French have now advanced to the major towns and cities of the north, including Gao and Timbuktu, and the Islamists have receded to the mountainous regions. As the French move forward, military units from Mali and supporting black African countries are being posted to the places that have been liberated. And that's precisely what the French appear to be doing.

As amazing as this might sound, the French have not announced a timetable for withdrawal! Instead, President Hollande has merely said he wants to withdraw his soldiers as soon as possible, and expects his soldiers to be replaced by those of the country of Mali perhaps supported for a time by soldiers from elsewhere in Africa.

But, doesn't it take years and years and years to recruit, organize, train and equip an army, even a generation???

Does it even matter? Just go in, kick ass, and get out. That's précisément what the French appear to be doing.

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