Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fat ugly Muslim cow protests gorgeous American Jewish libertarian chic in Annapolis

by Eric Dondero

You watch the news report, and no matter how hard you try to listen to the words, you are immediately distracted by the contrast in appearance between the Muslim protester and Pamela Geller. Of course, the cautious politically correct news announcer makes no mention of this.

Does the burka and the hijab give Muslim women an incentive to be fat and ugly?

She carries a sign that reads, "Hate is not an American value." We got news for ya lady, neither is butt-ugliness! You should have read the brochure on Americanism carefully before you decided to immigrate to our country. WE LIKE OUR WOMEN BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY HERE IN THE UNITED STATES!

The protest of Geller's speech occured on the 12th in Annapolis, Maryland.


Kc Lion said...

Pam has made all the Correct Enemies.

Good Job Pamela, Good Job.


And Pamela Geller is all of that and Libertarian!

Kc Lion said...

Also didn't Pam used to be into Hard Rock in the 80's?

Like Platform shoes and everything?

I bet that would drive that Muslim Lady nuts.

Eric Dondero said...

She was a punk rocker. CBGBs type. Ramones, Sex Pistols, that scene. I was in that scene too for about 4 years. Leather jackets, spikes. I made it to the infamous CBGBs one time.

Kc Lion said...


More Proof of Pam's Libertarianism.

Most Conservatives I known wouldn't be caught dead at a place like that.

Isn't CBGBs closed down now? Too bad.

I would love to see Pamela all decked out in Spikes and Punk decor today.

All though I bet in the 80's she would have been absolutely STUNNING.

Eric Dondero said...

More proof of Pamela's REAL LIBERTARIANISM: The politically correct "libertarians" at Cato and Reason and, absolutely fuckin' hate her.

Pamela Rocks!!!

Erich Domdero said...
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Kc Lion said...

"Pamela Rocks!"

You bet she still does!

Erich Domdero said...
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Punkrockandliberty said...

A smoking hot libertarian punk rocker? I need to get my ass down to Maryland!

Erich Domdero said...
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Galen Muhammad said...

There was no mention of any "beautiful Jewish woman".

You couldn't have possibly been referring to Pam Geller...!! That would be a the VERY least!!

And I can only assume, based on the content of this blog....or lack thereof, that it doesn't matter if Pam Geller is a lying, distorting, Islamaphobic bigot.

That wouldn't surprise me too much....considering how many Republican lies that were given a pass during the recent presidential election cycle....!

Jemas said...

This may be among the most deplorable posts you have made. It's racist, it's sexist, it's kind of perfect.

What, pray tell, do the Muslim woman's looks have to do with her protest? Other than to make you guys look shallow and sexist that is. Never mind that your continued conflation of Jihadist Muslims and Muslims in general is idiotic (I'm an atheist, for the record, so I don't really have a stake in that fight). In fact, turnabout is fair play, so now all Christians are child molesters. After all, SOME Catholics are proven to be child molesters, so ALL of them must be.

Read the works of Irshad Manji, a lesbian Muslim who writes constantly about the need for reform within Islam. But then, you probably don't care, it would contract your tiny bigoted world view.

Queens, New York, NY