Sunday, January 27, 2013

Elite Liberal Media Spins Right-Wing Win in Israel

by Clifford F. Thies

For the elite liberal media, when their guy wins, it's a mandate for their agenda, and when our guy wins, it's the same thing, a mandate for their agenda. Thus, they claim that the results of the election in Israel are a mandate for the country to turn to the left.


"Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party got the most votes in Israel's national election Tuesday, but a respectable showing by centrists could slow or halt a rightward swing in the government."

The Economist:

"The hawks’ wings are clipped

"A sparky performance by a middle-of-the-road party may pull Binyamin Netanyahu back to the centre."

The Guardian:

"Binyamin Netanyahu suffers setback as centrists gain ground in Israel election

"Results give narrowest of victories to the prime minister's rightwing-religious block."

The New York Times:

"The political opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel were ecstatic at his apparent losses in Tuesday's elections."


"Throughout election, Israel became anti-Netanyahu country."

Will Bibi reach out to center or left-wing parties to form a broad coalition, even though he has an outfight majority and doesn't have to? Let's see, (A) he has done this in the past. (B) During the campaign, he said said he would do this again. (C) In post-election remarks, he specifically reached out to Yair Lapid and his new, centrist party Yesh Atid.

Does the fact that Bibi will reach out to center or left-wing parties to form a broad coalition prove that Netanyahu or the right-wing has lost the election?

Consider the following two facts:

Percent of the vote received by right-wing parties in Israel of the votes received by all parties that received at least 0.5 percent of the vote: 51%

Percent of the vote received by Barack Obama: 51%

(In the above calculation, I categorize Ale Yarok, Israel's pro-marijuana legalization/libertarian party, which received 1.2 percent of the vote, as a centrist party.)

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