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Friday, January 25, 2013

East St. Louis: Fightin' over Free Stuff

From Eric Dondero:

A nasty fight broke out at a welfare office in East St. Louis, Illinois on Wednesday. At one point over a dozen people were involved, throwing fists, tossing chairs, scratching, spitting.

Obama's America. Don't seem to remember stuff like this happening under Bush, or Reagan?


Charlie said...

Off topic but I was reading about Harry Reid's internet gambling bill which basically is a protection bill for the Nevada Casinos and thought about how little things like this are covered. You have a blatant smack-you-in-the-face conflict of interest between the Author of the Bill (and his supporters) and the people the bill will affect. Yet there is no real constitutional basis for banning such legislation.

I just did a read through of the constitution the other day and that document is woefully inadequate. Founding fathers couldn't foresee this level of stupidity perhaps...

John Morris said...

Repulsive as this is- yes stuff like this has gone on ever since welfare existed. Trying to blame Obama for the entire tradition of mooching is absurd. Though, few other presidents have taken it to this level.

The big issue, I would imagine is why jobs of any kind at all are so scarce in East St. Louis.

You can't decry mooching until you talk about all the barriers to investment, self employment, job creation including the total culture of political corruption and lawlessness in places like this.

John Morris said...

Republicans need to give the term "right to work", real meaning by fighting every barrier to people peacfully, voluntarily trying to make a living, exchange goods and improve their lives.

Eric Dondero said...

I tend to disagree John. I blame the people themselves, not some esoteric "business" or "economic climate" thing.

People have lawns in East St. Louis. Anyone of these mother fuckers can grab a lawn mower and start charging neighbors $25 per lawn, and start their own small business.

Anyone of these mother fuckers can open up a little soul food stand on the street corner.


The Right Guy said...

East St Louis is a low life shithole.

mitsukurina said...

I imagine that much like inner-city Detroit; anyone who wants to work has moved out of East St Louis years ago -- its an awful place.

Chuck said...

I remember going to a convention in St Louis in 1998 and my cab driver making sure to drive home, "Don't go to East St Louis." As we rode across it, he was pretty adamant about it. The guy was a 60 something year old, jazz trumpet player. Imagine Fred Sanford. "Make sure you don't go there", he implored. They have a shitty little tram that can take you across town. I stayed the fuck out. Hell, someone I was with got shot in regular Saint Louis. At the fucking Hilton. Just random shit.

John Morris said...
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John Morris said...

Any idea how the government treats people who open up little soul food stands there?

Obviously, one would need to be heavily armed.

I also doubt people can pay much for lawn mowing there but point well taken- people anywhere can work to help themselves.

We have to admit that there are places in this country where people don't see success and can't believe they can get anywhere. The history that creates places like that is important.

It wasn't like that very long ago. Places like the Central Ward of Newark & Pittsburgh's Hill district supported thriving business districts. It's not just the black family that was cut up-and undermined by government policy- it was the business and social networks.

Google: Teenie Harris Archive

The Right Guy said...

Can't be heavily armed. East St Louis is in Illinois.

KN@PPSTER said...

I don't know if it's that East St. Louis isn't as bad as it used to be, or that St. Louis proper has just got worse. Either way I'm glad to be out of the area.