Sunday, January 6, 2013

Detroit drug dealer complains: Where are the police?


From Eric Dondero:

I got a tip off to this. I didn't believe at first what I was hearing. I watched it, and sure enough, they were right.

Better to watch the lead-in. But if you have little time, skip to the 9 minute mark. An articulate, even somewhat respectable drug dealer complains about the budget deficit for the city of Detroit and the resulting lack of police presence in the neighborhood, with recent downsizing of the police force.

NARRATOR: And another concern for John, is Detroit's overstretched police dept. In the struggle to balance a $197 billion deficit, Detroit's police recently had their pay cut by 10%, and are working longer shifts. Increasing crime drives away [drug] customers and hurts business. So, John and other dealers had to step in.

JOHN THE DRUG DEALER: In the city of Detroit, if you call the police, if you're not in what they consider a "rich neighborhood" the police can take up to 48 hours to come see you. That's not police (shrugs). That's not help. The police do not police our neighborhoods. We police our neighborhoods. We stop the crime in our neighborhoods. We stop the crime. We stop the robberies. We stop the break-ins. We stop the rapes. We stop the muggings. Although we sell drugs, in our neighborhood we are the police.

Editor's comment - Things coming full circle? Obama's America has sunk so low, that now anarchy in the streets have led to privatization of police protection out of necessity? It's anarcho-libertarianism at its finest. Not something we conservative-libertarians can get too excited about. But let's hope that the next step for John is our brand of libertarianism. He seems like he'd be open to it. A budding libertarian Republican for public office one day?

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