Sunday, January 6, 2013

Celebration Day in NC: State is now officially Republican Red


From Eric Dondero:

Pat McCrory, former Charlotte Mayor, was officially sworn in as Governor of North Carolina yesterday. There has not been a Republican Governor in the State in 20 years. And both chambers of the legislature now have Republican majorities

Young Republicans who worked in his campaign are particularly overjoyed.

Tweets former Teen Republican, turned College Republican Madeleine McAulay:
Madeleine McAulay ‏@m_mcaulay North Carolina is officially a red state!! Goodbye Perdue, we will not miss your lack of leadership.
Bev Perdue is of course, the former Democrat Governor, whose administration was plagued with scandals and premature resignations.

Congrats to NC Republicans from your friends at Libertarian Republican!

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