Saturday, January 26, 2013

Calling people Fat who are Fat may be the only way to reduce obesity epidemic says one expert

Fat people should be ostracized in society; "treated like smokers"

From Eric Dondero:

What a novel idea. Calling Fattys "fat."

From the LondonDailMail, "Shaming fat people into losing weight is the only way to solve obesity epidemic, leading health academic claims":
A leading health academic has called for fat people to be 'shamed and beat upon socially' in order to halt the obesity crisis.

In a controversial article, Daniel Callahan, the 82-year-old president emeritus of The Hastings Center a New York think-tank specializing in health policy ethics, calls for increased stigmatization of obese people to try spur weight-loss across America.

The senior research scholar says fat people should be treated like smokers who have become increasingly demonized in recent years and thus 'nudged' by negative attitudes of those around them into giving up the unhealthy habit. Experts in eating disorders and obesity.
Predictably Callahan is receiving harsh criticism from liberals in his field.

We here at LR humbly agree with the respected nutritionist. But let's hope Callahan's suggestion to castigate fattys in society would include EVERYBODY including Food Stamp/EBT abusers on the government dole?


John Morris said...

That's what they do in Singapore

jgeleff said...

Or we could let them be fat. The key is for the country to be taken off of the gubmint health insurance train. Then people would be paying for their own insurance, and if they didn't have it, would have to rely on charity, or go without. Then they'd make smarter decisions. But it's up to THEM.