Saturday, January 12, 2013

Burkas and Hijabs coming to an All-American town near you

From Eric Dondero:

In an effort to increase faster Islamization of America, Muslim groups are now pushing what's increasingly known as "Islamic chic."

From the WSJ, "How to Make the Hijab Hip":
But headscarves are more than a fashion accessory for millions of women around the world. Muslim women who wear the headscarf known as a hijab do so for religious reasons. Now, the creator of the American Hijab Design Contest is trying to extend the hijab beyond the Muslim population, and help build a following for a fashion trend she calls “covered chic.”

“The scope of covered chic fashion far exceeds the Muslim population,” says Shaz Kaiseruddin, 31, a human rights attorney based in Chicago and the creator of the contest. “A hijab is as American as blue jeans.”

Kaiseruddin hopes to build support for an “American hijab,” a headscarf that can have as many styles in a nation as diverse as America.

And she hopes to shake up the belief that the hijab, and Muslims, are foreign to America, and show that headscarves are fashion accessories anyone—regardless of faith—can play with in their wardrobes.
Editor's comment - In case you were wondering, there's no similar organized effort by Western governments, or advocates of Western Civilization to increase bikinis or topless beaches in Muslim lands. That would be "racist" of course.


randian said...

Plenty of hijabs to be seen in Philadelphia and Dearborn right now. It's scary.

Rational Nation USA said...

You gotta admit, really puts the accent on the eyes. Iranian (Persian) women in particular have beautiful eyes.

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Les Carpenter
The Right in MA USA

Jemas said...

The reason there's no push for Bikinis in Muslim countries, is because a lot of Muslim countries are backwards, ignorant, moronic countries where wearing a bikini could get you killed. Also, this is one blog post. not precisely an organized effort, but hey context isn't important. I made a blog post about how Les Miserables isn't a very good movie, I guess that constitutes a nationwide push against Les Mis.

Queens, New York, NY