Monday, January 28, 2013

BREAKING... French Troops enter Tibuktu... Seize Airport... Islamists on the run

Report from Euronews minutes ago CNN Reports:
French-led troops in Mali have seized control of the airport in Timbuktu from Islamist militants and are fighting their way into the city center, a spokesman for the Malian military said Monday. Malian and French soldiers scored a key victory last week, taking control of Gao, a city east of Timbuktu that for months had been a militant stronghold... The Islamists were reported to be fleeing Timbuktu to the city of Kidal, more than 500 kilometers (300 miles) to the northeast. (Emphasis added)
The French Defense Ministry reports (via TF1 News):
Italy sends troops to conflict in Mali Reinforcement forces arrive, via Senegal. A boatload of French assault carrier helicopters arrived this morning in the port of Dakar, landing hundreds of men, vehicles and equipment for the operation Serval.


John Morris said...

Reports emerging of the destruction of Sufi shrines and the burning of thousands of priceless books and islamic texts.

mitsukurina said...

Yes the rats set fire to the library and murdered some civilians before fleeing.

mitsukurina said...
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John Morris said...

This is slightly off the subject, but dozens of western museums are returning priceless art and artifacts to countries like Egypt and Turkey where it may be at high risk of being destroyed; vandalised to extract gems or gold; stolen or just neglected.

In the name of political correctness- they won't even be honest about the risk they are taking. They are violating what should be their first goal, which is to care for the works entrusted to them.