Friday, January 25, 2013

Bob Menendez under FBI investigation for Sex with Under-age Hookers


ABC News knew of allegations on May 2, 2012, and sat on the story

From Eric Dondero:

Thanks to a cover-up by an icon of the liberal media - ABC News - it's US Senator Bob Menendez, Democrat of New Jersey, not Republican Senator-elect John Kyrollos. If these allegations had come out before the election no telling what would have happened in that NJ race, and what the implications would have been for the presidential race.

Amazingly, the top New Jersey news site, which leans heavily Democrat is completely ignoring the allegations, and instead is running this headline story today:
Sen. Menendez returns to Washington on the rise
A good summation of the latest prostitution allegations from the New Jersey "rightwing blog", "Senator Menendez Loves Him Some Teenage Whores...":
To quote the Beastie Boys - that the girlies he likes are underage, which got the FBI interested as well:
Documents published online for the first time Thursday indicate that the FBI opened an inquiry into New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez on August 1, 2012, focusing on repeated trips he took to the Dominican Republic with longtime campaign contributor and Miami eye doctor Salomon Melgen. TheDC reported in November that Menendez purchased the service of prostitutes in that Caribbean nation at a series of alcohol-fueled sex parties.

Information made available to (ABC News senior investigative producer) Rhonda Schwartz and Carrie Levine (research director at Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) at that time included allegations that some of Menendez’s prostitutes were as young as 16. The source also alleged that Sen. Menendez was taking “non-authorized trips” to the Dominican Republic, suggesting that he may have been evading Senate Ethics committee rules covering disclosures when third parties pay for a senator’s travel.
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Jemas said...

ABC knew of allegations. Not new.

Queens, New York, NY

Eric Dondero said...

That's it. That's all you have to say. Fixing a typo.

Can you liberals come up with something better than that.

What do you think of these new allegations James? Tell us please?

Jemas said...

Sorry, I was trying to politely point out that you misspelled something. But if you insist:

For the moment that's all they are. Allegations. Your major sources are both self-admitted right wing sources, so you'll forgive me if I don't take them 100 percent seriously (sorry, but the dismissal of a source that has a liberal bent cuts both ways). If it's true and he's guilty, he should be prosecuted and removed from office, same as anyone. But, and this is just a crazy idea, they could be false and he could be innocent, so maybe you should withhold judgement until you have all the facts?


Queens, New York, NY

karki said...

Sex with Under-age Hookers in libertarian perspective is personal and got nothing to do with Bob Menendez public office. new jersey hired Bob Menendez not to be bishop of congress but to loot Washington dc for the Waring Industry and wallstreet
i have doubt that Eric Dondero can figure out if Libertarianism is male or female.
Aside from all-that-jazz
All that is necessary for triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.. Edmund Burke. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Time is up! Standup like a man or die like a coward 1000 times.
Obaid Karki is a Sexagenarian UAE Paleoconservative Provocateur Arabspringer of Picassoic Attitude, Blackbelt Diehart Paulite Constitutionalist Libertarian, Diogenesist, Spinoziste, Qutbist, Kabbalist, Pantheon, Hexalingual, Automath, Antitribal-Gentiles-Cabal, Unaffiliated to State or any Religiosity Cult and Seigniorage Banksters Sharia Scam. In short. I am the one your mom never warned you about.

Bruce Majors said...

There is also a woman who appealed to Rachel Maddow about a Congressman who kept sending her photos of his Weiner and Rachel covered it up

Corruption Fighter said...

Hey Jemas,

Aren't you forgetting something? We already know that Menendez was harboring an illegal alien with a sex convict record. We just hadn't been told it was for pedophilia. So these current "allegations" dovetail quite well with the admitted Menendez campaign's use of the illegal alien pedophile. Plus, there is an unrefuted paper trail involving several reporters and an FBI agent. Please name one instance where an allegation is withheld concerning a politician and sex? This is not just a story of "Senator Pedophile", it is a story of cover-up by the media. There are explicit dates of travel and destinations mentioned. Bob Menendez could prove his innocence if he wanted to and was truelly innocent. Politics aside, the sooner Democrats cut their losses on Menendez the better.