Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bed Bug infestation at hotels in the U.S.: Liberals and immigrants from Third World countries to blame?

EPA regs on formerly effective bug sprays; massive upsurge in Indian and Pakistani hotel owners in the U.S.

by Eric Dondero

I do a lot of traveling for the business I'm in: California, Maine, the Dakotas, Missouri, Washington State, Alabama, Kentucky, Connecticut, Illinois, Oklahoma. I often find myself in a position of having to stay at cheap hotels.

I'd say about half the time I get bit by bedbugs. It sucks! I mean royally sucks.

I've tried all the tricks: Spraying the rooms ahead of time, sleeping in a sleeping bag instead of under the covers. Nothing seems to work. I wake up with red welts on the backs of my legs in the morning, and often times on my face and back of my neck.

And the bites last for days. Not like a mosquito bite that's annoying for a few hours.

The one common factor I've noticed is that it always seems to happen at a hotel owned by a Pakistani or Indian immigrant.

Like the gentleman in the video points out:
their sanitary and health standards are a lot lower in the U.S. or European nations... It's not coming from Canada. It's coming from people from Third World nations who are bringing them up here, as they come here legally or illegally.
Of course the politically correct media will never spit it out. They dance around the issue, but never quite spell out the cause.

One way to fight back: Avoid hotels owned by Indian and Pakistani immigrants. If you go to the front window and there's a Third World immigrant behind the desk, and you smell that universal scent of hot curry, don't walk out of the lobby, run!


Bruce Majors said...

I drive down I 81 from DC to Nashville a few times a year and split my trip in two, driving only 6 to 8 hours each day, so I stop at a motel in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia. About a third of the time I stay at a motel owned by Asian immigrants. I've only had bed bugs once, though I think I carried them home and had to fog my home to kill them. But I don't actually think I got them in an Asian owned hotel.

Around the same time I worked a second job at a gym in the Fairmont Hotel, a Canadian owned multinational hotel chain, in DC. This is a somewhat fancy hotel and an upscale chain. They had a bad case where a guest was given free spa treatments at the hotel spa and may have had her bill cancelled because she was eaten up by bed begs.

The Fairmont is aggressively environmentalist. Luxury suits made out of recycled materials and advertised as such; bee hives on the roof to save the honey bee. I suspect yuppie white liberals abjuring hot water and phosphates and bleach are more to blame than Indians and Pakistanis.

Eric Dondero said...

I can't compare Bruce. I never have the opportunity to stay in nice hotels petitioning for the LP. Now if the Libertarian Party paid a little more???

Eric Dondero said...

BTW, my wife is genuine Asian; as in CHINESE.

Bruce, stereotypes matter. We need to stop all this political correct madness, and recognize that different peoples are DIFFERENT. Let's celebrate our differences, but at the same time recognize that some of those differences may not be so appealing to the Western palate.

Bruce Majors said...

Oh if someone could show that Indians and Pakistanis were being cheap or didn't understand indoor plumbing and it was causing bed bugs I would agree with you that their is an assimilation problem. But I still think it is environmentalism telling people not to use to water and bleach, since I have seen that in the expensive hotels where I worked.

I am hoping for bed bugs and ice for the inaugural revelers I am going to have to put up with in DC this weekend.