Thursday, January 17, 2013

Barbarians at the Gates

Absolute Must See! Muslim warriors threaten American, Russia, the civilized world

From Eric Dondero:

This is the enemy; the enemy of Western Civilization. And we're too blind to see.

Breaking video out of Syria.

H/t Vlad


Doom said...

It's very difficult to deal with cities being turned into muslim bloks, cities already lost to decent folk long ago, when we have such a huge enemy in the white house. Until that is dealt with, and what allowed that to happen in the first place, nothing else is even close to hitting the radar.

If that is dealt with, this too could then be dealt with. As is, I think America just rolled. If I had the health I would pack and go, as I don't see anyone who could do something doing one thing. Being an expat, as many Jews who got out just in time knew shortly before the others couldn't get out, and many South African whites currently know, isn't easy. But it beats being a part of, or being threatened with, absolute genocide at "home".

*jabber jabber "angry" jabber jabber "sad" jabber jabber jabber*

Gary said...

Fucking over the top video. Thanks Eric.

I am sorry to say that people are too fucking stupid to undertand anything anymore. All people want is to play with the latest electronic toy and watch the latest episodes of Hillbilly Handfishin' and TMZ.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

They are highly imaginative, so is the U.S. military. Behead the pornograpahy peddlers; that seek to take the hijab off the women of Allah.
Then again what are they speaking of? Why is Mohammedan hegemony so hard to get together?
The sunni and shiite difference, could be set aside for political reasons.
Are they all talk?

Arise Allah and come for ha-Shem!

Arise deist free-mason nation; and understand your christless existence...and be shabbos goy!

Jemas said...

I wonder, is it exhausting to maintain that level of hatred for an entire people based entirely on the actions of psychotic fanatics? Is it difficult to constantly avoid any kind of media that would inform you that most Muslims are normal people, with dreams, hopes and aspirations, often people who have suffered greatly at the hands of their despot rulers, who just happen to believe in a different God from you?

I wounder what would happen to you if you ever managed to accidentally watch a movie like Persepolis, or if you learned that there was a candlelight vigil in Tehran in honor of 9/11? I imagine it would be similar to a Neo-Nazi reading Maus.

I wonder if you truly believe that every Muslim is like this, or if a part of you knows that most Muslims regard these people as the ignorant savages they are.

I wonder if you are capable of recognizing a point of view other than your own as valid.

Queens, New York, NY

Ran / SVP said...

No Jemas, we're well aware of several things:

A) That the nutters exist, they are well-funded and that the "moderates" you so glowingly portray have done sweet fuck all to stop them.

B) ...and of your penchant for 'taqia' - a comprehensive strategy of disinformation.

C) ...and that Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg once thought like you and displayed the suicidal idiocy to act on it. (Christopher Stevens wasn't available for comment.)

It must be exhausting to maintain your level of intellectual masturbation and yet never enjoy an orgasm.

Jemas said...

And I try to be polite, see what it gets me? Alright, if that's the tone you want...

Oh no, I get intellectual orgasms all the time. Being an elitist, educated, intellectual, I can get intellectual orgasms by proving people wrong, and since you can't go a single sentence without being wrong, this place is a gold mine for that. To wit:

A) Yes, the nutters exist and they are worthless wastes of oxygen. But equating all Muslims to nutters is like assuming all Catholics are child molesters because a bunch of priests are. And it's probably quite difficult for the moderates to speak out when the opposition is, as you yourself point out, well funded and armed. And when you're getting opposition from non-Muslims just for BEING Muslim. And you know what? They still try to speak out, it just doesn't tend to go well for them.

Just as an example, I brought up Persepolis a moment ago (a graphic novel memoir of a woman who was born in Iran and grew up during the rebellion against the Shah). Her uncle, who had fought against the Shah, spoke out against the Radical Islamist government, despite being a Muslim. He is executed for his troubles. I highly recommend you read it, or watch the film adaptation, as it's a fairly intimate look inside Iran, which I think would help you put a human face on the religion you seem determined to permanently identify as The Other. But then, I'm sure you're willing to make the intellectual leap that you know Iran's history than someone who grew up there.

B)Taqiyya (which is what I think you were referring to) is the rule where you can deny being a Muslim under certain circumstances. However, Shi'ites can only practice it when there's an overwhelming risk to life or property, and Sunnis cannot practice it at all.

Also, and this is a minor point, but it's not my practice. I'm not a Muslim, I'm an atheist. I just find religion intellectually fascinating, which is why I've read the Quaran. And the Bible. And the Bhagavad Gita. And several Buddhist Sutras. I'm just of the opinion that continuing to push for hatred of someone based on their religion is only going to cause more anger on both sides and prevent lasting reform or change on both sides.

C) Your willingness to bring up tragedy to prove a point is just a perfect example of what kind of person you are, made even more depressing by the fact that it fails to prove your point. I have acknowledged that violent radical Muslims exist and that they are among the most worthless human beings in existence. But again, blaming all Muslims for the actions of some of their number, is roughly equal to blaming all Christians for the Child Molestation Scandal in the Catholic church.

And remember, other religions can be violent too. There are dozens of instances of Hindus and Sihks attacking Muslims on the Pakistan/India border, Catholics and Protestants spent decades killing each other in Ireland, etc. But hey, as long as you can confirm your biases.

And now, since you asked me an incredibly rude question, I have one for you: Is it work to stay as wrong as you are as consistently as you are? I mean, if I was as wrong as you are, people would be constantly pointing it out. Did you purge all the people from your life who question your incredibly ignorant point of view, or do you just drink a big bottle of bleach every so often, to forget all the times people proved you wrong?

Queens, New York, NY

Mike Butler said...

Jemas, what a delight it is to read a comment on this site from someone who has a brain, and who has a command of the English language that enables him to string a whole sentence together without using a four letter word beginning with "f" and ending with "k"!

Ran / SVP said...

Get yourself a cigarette and a Kleenex, Jemas. You must be exhausted.

Ran / SVP said...

...and Mike, use periods between thoughts, eh pal? Run-on sentences are poor form. (I love bitter irony in the morning. It smells like... oh, never mind.)

Paul Forsberg said...

90& of the world violence can be traced to them - shoot first - ask questions later

Mike Butler said...

Ran/SVP, a "run-on" sentence is quite acceptable in written English, particularly when the two threads are separated by a comma or semi-colon! Of course, I should have realised that using such a grammatical device on this site was problematical, since so many of the contributors here have very short attention spans!

Jemas said...

Wait, that's the entirety of your response? No response to my points, just a reiteration of a fairly pathetic insult you've used before, that I rebuffed?

Holy crap, you're speechless! You have nothing to say about my points! You have no response, no matter how stupid! You lost the argument. I won. That is...very gratifying.

Queens, New York, NY