Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ron Paul anti-Statist Atheist takes apart the "Religion of Peace"

WARNING: Highly Politically Incorrect Video! Not for the faint of heart

by Eric Dondero

Are we here at LR finally getting through to the sometimes knuckleheads in the Ron Paul movement? This is how a Ron Paulist (he gives himself away as a Paul-bot at the 6.50 mark) deals with the rise of Islamism. Hint: It's a major departure from former Ron Paulism; pretending Islam is not a threat.

One particularly cogent segment from the transcript, (5.30 minutes in):
I am adamantly opposed to authoritarians, whether it be by the federal government or some fucked up religion from the Middle East...

I really dislike Islam. The other religions aren't having this giant authoritarian movement... oppression of women, Sharia-enforced zones enforced by Muslim vigilantes. I mean, wake up people!
I must admit, he makes a very convincing argument, a new one for the Paulists: That it's useless to intervene in these Middle Eastern countries to "build democracy," because Muslims are so backward they simply cannot accept freedom and individual liberty.

This is a definite step forward for the Ron Paul movement. It represents a willingness on their part to meet us pro-defense libertarians half-way by at least acknowledging, finally, that Islamism represents a direct threat to libertarians. I'm very happy to say, this is a victory for us pro-defense libertarians and more specifically for this counter-Jihad libertarian website.


KN@PPSTER said...

The only place where Paulists ever DIDN'T acknowledge that Islamism is a threat is in your fevered imagination.

Jemas said...

Alright Eric. Ignoring for the moment that most Muslims are just normal people living their lives, who accept and embrace liberty (again: Watch or read Persepolis, or really just research the history of Iran). Ignoring that if your attitude is widespread enough, it's likely to make things easier for terrorist recruiters and make Islam more isolationist. Ignoring that most religions, when given control of a government are cruel, violent and anti-human rights (pro-tip: Look up the Inquisition. And Monty Python is not historically accurate) Ignoring those things: What is your solution?

The way I see it, you have three solutions.

1) Use peaceful negotiations to try and remove anti human rights leaders, promote democracy and move Islam as a culture and religion into the 21st century (the approach I've been promoting).

2) Invade Islamist countries, murder their leaders and forcibly convert them to other religions. This is a cruel and despicable approach, would cause long term resentment and anger and would make you the bad guy and the enemy of freedom, no matter what else.

3) Kill everyone who's a Muslim. If this is your choice, you'd have to answer my follow up question about whether you worship Hitler or just admire him.

So, do you have a 4th option? And if not, what's your choice?

Queens, New York, NY

mitsukurina said...

"So, do you have a 4th option? And if not, what's your choice?"

Why are you so sure that we should always be involving ourselves in their affairs: clearly the US and other Western countries get nothing but hatred fro their pains. Why not disengage and only respond to actual terrorist threats (like in Yemen or Mali) rather than endlessly meddling and hoping for things that never seem to happen (c.f. Gaza, Libya, Egypt)?

pkeyrich said...

Awesome! He s well spoken on the issues.