Thursday, January 24, 2013

Airlines may now ban movies with steamy romance scenes on in-flight movies: Prudish Muslim passengers object

by Eric Dondero

Here we go... Muslim passengers are now objecting to movies with mild lovemaking scenes on flights in the Middle East.

From AlArabiyaNews, "EgyptAir reviews ‘hot’ in-flight movies after Islamist complaint":
Egypt’s national airline said on Thursday it will analyze its onboard movies to make sure they respect “Egyptian values and customs,” following a complaint by a Muslim Brotherhood member who took offence at a film screened during one of its flights.

The head of Egypt’s Shoura council caused a stir during a flight from Sudan to Egypt when he called on the plane’s staff to stop screening a movie featuring “Hot Scenes,” according to an Egyptian daily.

Ahmed Fahmy, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and parliament’s upper house speaker, wanted to put a stop to the screening of the movie on the flight. However, passengers on the flight rejected his requests to do so, according to the Egyptian privately owned Arabic daily Al Masry Al Youm.

In a statement, EgyptAir said he had “expressed reservations about one of the scenes” in the movie.

The statement did not name the film, but local media identified it as “Arees Mama,” or “Mother’s Suitor,” a decades-old movie starring the Egyptian actress Nelly (photo).
And then there's this:
In a separate statement, EgyptAir said it would form a committee to review all films shown on its flights.

Roshdy Zakaria, chief executive of the state-run company, said the committee would pull films it deemed “depart from Egyptian values and customs.”
So how long before British Airways cowtows to pressure from Saudi passengers, or passengers from Dubai? How long til Swedish Airways, Malaysian Airlines, and maybe even Air France gives into similar demands?

No doubt, we'll eventually see American airlines, United, US Airways, Delta, Southwest, responding as well, to complaints by passengers from Muslim meccas like Dearborn/Detroit, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.


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