Sunday, January 27, 2013

2013's First Nomination for America's Lifeguard Award to Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli

A little Beefcake for LR Gals (Shout-out to Rita, and other LR female regulars)

by Clifford F. Thies

The Richmond Times-Dispatch LINK is reporting that Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has saved a truck driver and possibly other motorists, from a possible catastrophe.

Seeing smoke coming from a rear wheel, Cuccinelli drove alongside the truck and signaled to the driver to pull over. He then helped the driver out of her cab, and used a fire extinguisher to dose the flame.

Cuccinelli thus becomes the first nominee of 2013 for the "America's Lifeguard Award," honoring those who, while in public office, personally intervene to save the life of another. The award itself commemorates the rescue of a girl struggling in a pool by then Governor Ronald Reagan of California, who dove into the pool, fully clothed, to save her. As a working lifeguard when a young man, Reagan had previously rescued 77 people.

The immediate past winner LINK of this award is Mayor Corey Booker of Newark, NJ. Other past "Lifeguards" are described at the link.

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