Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Worker's Comp fraud: Woman with "injured ankle" gets down on her knees in a public park to give man a Blow J*b

Where else? Wait for it... Here it comes... CALIFORNIA!

From Eric Dondero:

She had a cushy government job working at the Sequoia Union High School District. Kicking back in the break room. Sipping on some Hi-C while watching daytime soap operas on the small telly on top of the fridge. Still, it must have been too much trouble for her to get up every day and show up for work. Soon after she was hired she claimed worker's compensation for an "injury" to her ankle.

From CBS TV News, Sacramento,
Modupe Adunni Martin claimed she couldn’t walk and needed crutches.
But some savvy investigators, no doubt private sector insurance investigators, followed her, and discovered...
Martin on videotape throwing her crutches into a car and running in high heels at a public park.

She then performed oral sex at the park on a boyfriend. Doctors concluded she couldn’t have done so with an injured ankle.
Just to be clear. CBS is not saying she couldn't give a blow job to her "boyfriend" (or was it a John?), with an injured ankle. Just that she couldn't walk over to the - presumably bushes - with such an injury.

In this particular case, justice did prevail.

Martin pleaded no contest to fraud and was sentenced on Thursday to nine months in jail. She was also ordered to pay more than $79,000 in restitution.
And in case you're wondering. The story has received international news coverage. And one overseas blog, Women Styles, lists the woman's ethnicity and country of origin. Wouldn't you guess. She's... wait for it... here it comes... NIGERIAN!

Now, how it is that that little fact, of her being Nigerian, seemed to have escaped the mainstream media "journalists"?

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