Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Win by giving up

Tax increases on the way, despite Boehner's efforts

by Clifford F. Thies

Obama is playing the Republicans like a fiddle. Now that the election is over, most of those on the left are admitting, yes, increasing tax rates on those making more than $250,000 by letting the Bush tax cuts expire does not come anywhere near reducing the the deficit enough. So, there will have to bigger increases of tax rates on the rich PLUS reductions of what they are calling "loopholes" (which refers to things like itemized deductions) PLUS higher tax rates on income in the form of interest, dividends and capital gains whether or not you're making more than $250,000. Mind you, all these tax increases still won't balance the federal budget. They will only, under the assumption of a "static" economy (i.e., no Atlas Shrugs-effect), keep the deficit from growing too much.

It would be one thing for Speaker Boehner, on behalf of the Congressional Republicans, to work out a compromise package with the White House, restricting the increase in taxes to a combination of higher rates and restricted deductions so as to generate the figure Obama was talking about during the campaign. In this case, the President could claim credit for being Santa Claus in protecting the middle-class from the tax increases in the Fiscal Cliff and in protecting the moocher-class from any reform of the federal entitlement programs, while describing the Republicans as Scrooge for not sharing more of the ill-gotten gains of the rich. We are, after all, the adult party, and somebody has to limit the damage that government does to the economy. But, it is another thing for the President to not be willing to meet the Republicans somewhere in the middle, because, he says, otherwise the Republicans aren't being realistic.

A true believer in the socialist progressive agenda. He really does hate this country and the free enterprise system

It is Obama's policies that aren't realistic. Obama's policies that are dragging the economy into a condition of stasis, replacing the incentives of a free economy to work, save and invest, with the incentives of a socialistic economy, of getting by with as little work as possible, relying on the government for every need, and replacing entrepreneurship with crony capitalism. If Obama wants to go down this road, and if he can find enough votes among among the Congressional Republicans, we should get out of his way, and let him fail miserably. We owe this much to the American people, to give them a choice regarding the future of the country, whether toward Argentina or toward Chile.

In a very real sense, the Republican victories of 2010 saved Obama's bacon, just as the Republican victories of 1994 saved Clinton's, and the Republican victories of 1946 saved Truman's. With these victories, the Republicans were able to slow down, if not entirely stop the growth of government, and, so, enable the economy to improve enough so as to enable the President to be re-elected. In the case of Clinton, he was not a dyed-in-the-wool socialist progressive, and so was happy to work with our side to development compromise agreements such as welfare reform, the child tax credit and an improved capital gains tax preference. During the Clinton days, this was known as "triangulating."

This guy Obama is something altogether different. He is a true believer in the socialist progressive agenda. He really does hate this country and the free enterprise system. But, the socialist progressive agenda will not work. It never has. It results in less. And, with less, comes the most vile of human emotions. People turning against one another, fighting over an ever decreasing economic pie. In the process, joining into groups, "us" versus "them." Today, they're going after the rich. Tomorrow, it will be some other group. The real danger is going down this road slowly, with our way of life changing only little by little but eventually becoming unrecognizable. The only solution may be to allow conditions to quickly deteriorate, with the blame clearly placed on the party in charge.

Throughout the centuries, we have always known those who hate the free enterprise system to eventually embrace naked anti-semitism. Accordingly, the sudden influx of Jews into the Republican Party this past election was predictable. During the Soviet era, they called the Jews "cosmopolitans." During the Nazi era, even more vulgar terms. We, who stand for individualism, regardless of country or race or gender or life-style choice, we are the enemies of the state. We, who consider ourselves citizens of the world, and so reduce the national government from the exalted position to the state-worshippers, to merely the status of a municipal government, we are the enemies of the state. We, who put no god before the One, True God, and proclaim that each human life is sacred and cannot be morally forced the serve the values of others, we are the enemies of the state. And, so, we know whom they will next go after. This is why there is a point beyond which we cannot compromise.

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"Tax increases on the way, despite Boehner's efforts"

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