Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Widespread political correctness, even by Conservatives, driving native Brits to the UK's rightist libertarian party

UKIP's Nigel Farage laughing all the way to the polling place


Lord Ashcroft has argued that Ukip is taking voters away from the Tories due to the "prevailing culture of political correctness that they have ceased to represent the silent majority."

Recent polls have suggested that support for Nigel Farage's UK Independence Party is growing and that Tory backing has slumped to its lowest rating in Mr Cameron's seven-year leadership.

Ukip recorded 14 percent support in a poll by ComRes, overtaking the Lib Dems.

Mr Farage has said the result was proof that his party was supplanting the Lib Dems as the third party in Britain.
Lord Ashcroft has claimed that Ukip's general outlook rather than key policies are driving support.

He wrote on his ConservativeHome blog: "The idea that UKIP 'seem to want to take Britain back to a time when things were done more sensibly', and that 'the bigger parties seem more interested in trendy nonsense than listening to ordinary people' both elicited stronger agreement among UKIP considerers than the party’s policy that Britain should leave the EU.

"They say, you can’t hold nativity plays or harvest festivals any more; you can’t fly a flag of St George any more; you can’t call Christmas Christmas any more; you won’t be promoted in the police force unless you’re from a minority; you can’t wear an England shirt on the bus; you won’t get social housing unless you’re an immigrant; you can’t speak up about these things because you’ll be called a racist; you can’t even smack your children.
(Emphasis added).


Mr. Mcgranor said...

They are beyond political correctness; like the rest of Europe. You can be jailed or fined for certain speech there. How utterly detached this move is.

Doom said...

Hmm, although... I sometimes think that is the point of some of it. What was that quote from Vietnam, something like they had to destroy the village to save it? I think some of those politicians understand that things have gone beyond the point of sane or rational debate, or return. To that end, a race over the cliff is required.

The Right Guy said...

The concept is called Creative Destruction.

John Morris said...

IMHO, this trend of having a strong libertarian alternative to establishment conservative party is very positive makes lots of sense and is possibly working.

I know, the systems are very different, but the serious threat of competition is the only thing that might reform the GOP.

John Morris said...
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