Sunday, December 30, 2012

White Men Dropping Out?

by Clifford F. Thies

Evan Thomas of TV show "Inside Washington," says the unreported story of the year (until he reported it) is white men dropping out.

As he puts it, "dropping out of the workforce, dropping out of elections, just plain dropping out, getting social security, not doing anything, going hunting, fishing, just not in the game."

Is this just another anti-white racist comment, or are white men actually dropping out more than, well, non-white people? Let's do a crazy thing and look at some facts (latest figures available, all from official sources).

1.Actual High School Drop-out rates, by race (from:
Asian 4.2 percent White 5.1 Black 8.0 Hispanic 15.1
Looks like White people actually aren't dropping out of high school more than non-whites, except compared to Asians. 2. Actual Unemployment rates
Asian 6.5 percent White 7.2 Hispanic 9.8 Black 14.9
3. Labor force participation rates (same as 2)
Hispanic 66.8 White 64.3 Asian 64.0 Blacks 61.2
Looks like whites are #2 with respect to both unemployment and labor force participation. So, why do the liberal elites pick on whites? (BTW way to go Hispanics!)

4. Voter turn-out rate
White non-hispanic 47.8 percent Black 40.7 Asia 21.3 Hispanic 20.5
Again and again and again, there's the whites #1 or #2. So what's up with the liberal stereotyping of white people as shiftless and no good? Based on fact or based on prejudice?

White 12.9 percent Black 0.4 Hispanic 0.3 Asian less than 0.1
6.Fishing (same as above p. 17)
White 28.6 percent Black 2.3 Hispanic 1.7 Asian 0.7
First, I should point out that there's a big overlap between Hunters and Fishers, and there are other categories of outdoor activity such as camping, hiking and bird-watching. Now, having said these things, whoa! I think we now see what the real difference is between white and non-white people. White people like to go hunting and fishing.

And, what's more, they're going hunting and fishing too much, instead of, you know, going to work and paying taxes. Lazy white people!

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White men aint voting like they used to. And the white "men" voting for Obama really cant be classified as men.

The Right Guy said...

To channel Wesley McGranor, white men have been marginalized by a feminist post modern world.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

This is so 90's.

The Right Guy said...

Wesley: 1890's or 1990's?

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Do you recall "angry white males", "dead white men", and "white man's ghost dance"? All are phrases from the 1990's.

The Right Guy said...

And the reason for that is that they were successful. White males have been marginalized and I guess it's gone beyond acceptance.