Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where's Hillary?

A bad case of Benghazi-itis?

by Clifford F. Thies

People are starting to talk. The last time she's been seen in public was December 7th. The President recently described her as "recuperating." Her people say she fell and suffered a concussion. O.K., but how serious a concussion, and if we're only or mainly talking of complications due to a concussion, why don't we know things such as the hospital she went to for an MRI?

Is she laying low because otherwise she'd have to spill the beans on Benghazi? Or, could it be that she is in rehab? Stranger things have happened in the world of politics, particularly inside the Beltway. After all, who would have ever predicted Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho, a self-professed teetotalar Mormon, would get arrested for DUI?

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Gary said...

She is a standard Clinton - a total sack of shit.

Eric Dondero said...

At least she's an American sack of shit, unlike her boss, the Kenyan Marxist Muslim.

Hate the bitch. But acknowledge she was born in the U.S.

jgeleff said...

In rehab is an interesting thought. Hadn't heard that. I like it.

FINCHNEST13 said...

I'd love to know when she supposedly fell and suffered a concussion? Presumably she can't testify because her concussion is serious enough to render her somewhat brain damaged wherein her memory may be faulty. Is that any change over the decades? Her memory has been faulty whenever it involves Democrat misbehavior, lying, and/or incompetence. The women who came forward and accused Bill Clinton of sexual indiscretions with them were "bimbos" per Hillary. She hooked up politically in Arkansas and suddenly became one of "we New Yorkers." She denegrated stay-at-home mothers, has been a tireless advocate for abortion any time all the time until it's politically necessary to be a lover and supporter of children where Hillary forgets her pro-abortion, anti-mother stand and wails "think of the children." I would opine that Hillary has been suffering from a chronic concussion for decades, so her not being able to testify about Benghazi has nothing to do will a concussion, just with having to admit to Administrative incompetence should she testify. She also can't be in rehab because there are no rehabs that treat the lunacy caused by so-called progressiveism. They went out of business under Obamacare as Pelosi, Reid, and Company didn't want to spread the wealth their way -- dangerous to the liberal mindset.