Thursday, December 13, 2012

Two southern white racist rednecks arrested in Alabama for terrorist plot against African Americans

Err... Scratch that headline. Should read, "Two Muslim men arrested in Alabma for Islamic terrorist plot against Africans"

From NBC News, "FBI: 2 Alabama men plotted to wage jihad in Africa":

FBI agents have arrested two Alabama men accused of plotting to wage violent jihad in Africa.

Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair, 25, and Rasheed Wilson, 25 (photo) were arrested Tuesday on terrorism charges. Prosecutors say they planned to travel to Mauritania, in West Africa, intending to prepare to engage in jihad.

Wilson was arrested Tuesday morning in at the Atlanta airport while preparing to begin a journey to Morocco, investigators say. Abukhdair was arrested in Augusta, Ga., at a bus terminal, also beginning a trip to Morocco...

court documents say, the two opened a men's fragrance store to make it appear they had no plans to leave the country.
Wilson is a close friend and former roommate of Alabama native Omar Hammami, who was recently added to the list of the FBI’s most-wanted terror suspects... he was president of the Muslim student association... Hammami is a now senior leader in the Somalia-based terror group al-Shabab, which has links to al-Qaida. Hammami faces federal charges in Alabama of providing material support to terrorists.
Apologies to our readers for the mistake in the headline. Promise to do better next time. We did get the Alabama part right, though. And they owned a "fragrance store." You can't make this shit up.(photo

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Rita said...

Yep. They look white to me. I would've never known they were Mooslims until I read their names.