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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Then why are we fighting them? Draft Army manual forbids criticism of Taliban

by Clifford F. Thies

The draft of a new Army Field Manual, leaked to the Wall Street Journal, describes “taboo conversation topics,” including:
  • “making derogatory comments about the Taliban;”
  • “advocating women’s rights;”
  • “any criticism of pedophilia;”
  • “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct;” and,
  • “anything related to Islam.”
Hey, if pederasty, (in cruder terms, buggering of boys), the subjugation of women and gays, the Taliban in general, and anything that is "related to Islam" (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean) are O.K., then why are we fighting the bastards?

According to the draft manual, the so-called green-on-blue killing going on in Afghanistan is the fault of our soldiers' cultural insensitivity. Because, in our culture, it's considered wrong for men to pork boys (well, unless you're a Democrat Senator from New Jersey, in which case, it's a "lifestyle choice"). And, because, in our culture, it's considered wrong to hold women in subjugation (unless you give them free contraception). And, because in our culture, it's considered wrong to deny people rights because of their private, consensual sexual behavior. Because, nothing is really right or wrong. It's all cultural. So, we should get over our cultural prejudices and learn to accept that things we consider to be wrong could be right in another culture.

I have news for the Democratic Party: the denial that there is such a thing as right and wrong is the part of the reason they're killing us. (The other part being an embrace of liberty as the proper method to advance virtue.)

They look at us and they see a morally-corrupt country, a country in decline, where people live lives of hedonism, where freedom is defined as being protected by the government from the consequences of your own bad decisions, where loneliness is epidemic, and where unhappiness bleeds into clinical depression and even suicide.

In their primitive thinking, they associate liberal, democratic capitalism with moral relativism. They do not see that when individuals bear the consequences of their decisions, whether good or bad, they are motivated to discover and live by the true law of morality, as well as develop social tolerance of the peaceful choices made by others, and compassion for those who, through no fault of their own, suffer hardship.

We, who consider ourselves part of the great stream of thinking from Aristotle to Aquinas to Ayn Rand, embrace liberty not merely because it delivers the goods, as though it were a necessary evil, but because it is good. And, we do not hesitate to call those who deny liberty blasphemers because of their arrogance (or, pretense of knowledge), and because of their violence which demonstrates that they are impatient with the workings of God's Law.

1 comment:

Chuck said...

“making derogatory comments about the Taliban;”

“advocating women’s rights;”

“any criticism of pedophilia;”

“mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct;” and,

“anything related to Islam.”

Sounds like it was written by Howard Dean.