Saturday, December 22, 2012

The world actually did end

by Clifford F. Thies

The worker's paradise of Argentina has succumbed to mass riots, with looting of supermarkets and other stores spreading throughout the country, waves of electric blackouts, shootings and stabbings; and, the mobilization of the armed forces. Big stores owned by multinational corporations and small shops owned by immigrants were particularly targeted.

President Cristina Fernandez, a fascist of the peronista persuasion, who was re-elected last year in a landslide, has seen her approval ratings collapse, with opposition groups, mostly on the left, for radical change.

In Europe, rioting which began in Spain in 2011 with the Indignados, continue in many countries, accompanied now by quiet desperation. Many people are reduced to foraging for food. Children are abandoned by normal parents; and, the continent is flooded with economic refugees.

In North Africa and the Middle East, one country after another succumbs to civil war. In Egypt, a dictator is overthrown and replaced by a person who then assumes dictatorial power. Women are returned to second-class citizenship. Homosexuals and religious minorities flee or cower in fear.

In the United States, a progressive socialist president is re-elected in spite of a moribund economy on the campaign theme of "Don't blame me." The political and media elites' latest solution to every problem is to rise taxes on the rich and takeaway our guns.

In the meanwhile, the trend of rising volcanic activity and earthquakes continues to tell us something big is happening, which is denied by the climate change'rs who are blinded by their ideological belief in man-made CO2 emissions.

Dr. Thies is a professor of economics at Shenandoah University in Virginia, former National Treasurer for the Libertarian Party, and former two-term National Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus.


Ran / SVP said...

...and to think, Cliff is an optimist.

Chuck said...

That chick looks like she fucks for money. Just sayin'.

The Right Guy said...

She probably has.

jgeleff said...

I don't like her politics, but that was a really nice looking woman a few years ago.

Carlos Echevarria said...

Pres. Fernandez de Kirchner (like her late husband) are definitely of the Peronista faction within her opposed to say Menem.

What is interesting is that Moyano and the other labor leaders are going after her, when she had been doing their bidding for a long while.

As perhaps you are aware, opposition Buenos Aires Mayor, Macri, one of the wealthiest men in the country and her political opponent from the center right, declined to run against her...though she had the police/security forces basically engender fake corruption style charges.

There are rumblings, via my sources, that she made a deal with him, getting her re-election, and when her term is up, she will, via back door channels, support Macri, with the understanding that she still gets a piece of the proverbial pie.

She has a penchant for weekend excursions, via government assets and aircraft, to Paris and shopping big time in the Place Vendome.

Having said all that, I can tell that Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, and in terms of the dollar ratio for us (though she has manipulated it over the last couple of years) is quite economical.

The Right Guy said...

She hit the wall.

BAR112 said...

This is an enlightening summary of the state of our world today. I prefer to believe we are going to go out by bits and pieces; as morality declines, Islam moves in, and Socialism takes over. God help us!