Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Swedish Welfare State not generous enough for invading Immigrants from Somalia

Some of the most blatant thievery ever witnessed

From Eric Dondero:

They want bigger houses dammit, at Swedish taxpayer expense. And three bedrooms is not big enough. And you better include a park nearby with nice equipment and plenty of swing sets too.


JTP said...
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JTP said...

Bigger houses for families? Nice parks and swingsets for the kids? Not being evicted? Who can blame a bunch of Somali immigrants for wanting those things, even when they're too poor to buy them?


Eric Dondero said...

Fine. They should go out and get jobs. And pay for those things themselves, instead of robbing the Swedish taxpayers for it.

The Right Guy said...

The Swedes are too stupid to care.

Eric Dondero said...

So are we. This same type of thing happens here in the U.S. Only a little less blatant.

Immigrants demand welfare. And we're "bigots" for not agreeing to pay for their every want and need.

Rational Nation USA said...

Hey, you just insulted Swedes everywhere TRG. But I'm pretty sure you don't care, right?