Friday, December 21, 2012

The Austrian economics libertarian view on the CT Shooting


Lewellyn Rockwell, President, Ludvig von Mises Institute, Auburn, Alabama (via The Examiner):
"So another mass-murder conducted by a product of government schools, in a government school, under the government-recommended/mandated care of a government-employed/licensed shrink, on government-approved and government-promoted mind-altering drugs, in a government-mandated weapon-free zone, protected by a government agency the government claims 'serves and protects' (though it is incapable of doing so). Clearly the problem is guns."
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FINCHNEST13 said...

Statement is in error. Gunman wasn't on psychiatric medications -- he refused to take them, so government mandated drugs comment is wrong or bs or whatever one takes it to be. By the way, psychiatric medications haven't caused people to engage in mass killings just like cars don't cause DUI's, like forks don't cause obesity, etc. We do know that most of the school shootings have been done by young people with a history of having been bullied in school -- and yet our schools give lame excuses like violent video games, Marilyn Manson, Dungeons and Dragons, everything but bullying because if they acknowledge that bullying was the cause, then they have to begin to act responsibly and control the bullying problem in their schools.

Doom said...

Hey, yeah, get a room. Someone miss their morning dose?

As for psychotropics? Again. I honestly doubt if they know WHAT those do. I'm not even sure they care, or if they care that what they care about is decidedly not someone's health or the general well being of the public.