Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tell Boehner and other squishy Republicans to Reinstate the “Fiscal Four”

by Dave Nalle, RLC Chairman

In the midst of the most important budget negotiations of our lifetimes, House Speaker John Boehner has removed the four most fiscally conservative house members from two key committees because he is afraid that they will lead resistance to his plans to sacrifice cuts and compromise on tax increases in the budget negotiations with the Obama administration.

Justin Amash (R-MI) and Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) were removed without notice from the Budget Committee on Tuesday and Walter Jones (R-NC) and David Schweikert (R-AZ) were removed from the Financial Services Committee. All four had records of opposing past budget compromises and were reportedly ranked below other Republican representatives on a loyalty index put together by the house leadership, because they were more likely to vote based on principle and constituent requests rather than in lockstep with the leadership. These removals were made over the objections of the chairmen of the committees.

We believe that these four representatives have been outstanding advocates for the concerns of grassroots Republicans and all Americans who are worried about this nation’s dire financial condition. They should be looked to as leaders in determining fiscal policy, not cut out of the process. We hope that you will join us in a three-phase campaign to pressure House leaders to reinstate the “Fiscal Four” and stand firm for a budget which is fiscally responsible.

First: Use the form below to email your representative and request that they contact the party leaders in the House to ask that the Schweikert, Jones, Amash and Huelskamp be given back their committee assignments.

Second: Call Speaker Boehner’s office at (202) 225-0600 and tell them you want the Speaker to speaker to listen to grassroots Republicans and listen to strong fiscally conservative voices in the budget process and give the four Congressmen back their committee assignments.

Third: Get on twitter and send a comment to @SpeakerBoehner asking that Huelskamp, Amash, Shweikert and Jones be given back their assignments. Tag it #FiscalFour. Something like “@speakerboehner Please give the #FiscalFour back their committee assignments and stand firm for spending cuts” works great.

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The Right Guy said...

Tell Boehner to resign.

jgeleff said...

And this is your Republican Party, people. I've told you from day one that the GOP is NOT a small government outfit. Here is your proof.

ajnock1976 said...

Jgleff: you have a point. But consider that the GOP is most consitently pro-small government in votes by Congressmen/Senators.

The "leadership" isn't, but that is different problem.

So the GOP in the Congress has a larger concentration of limited-government believers than a) the Democrats and be) any other political party that has members in Congress.

What about the LP? You can describe American politics for the past forty years without referring to the LP. The game is in the GOP.

And the game is afoot.

yours for sanity

Alan Turin

Rita said...

For some GOP, the longer they're there, the more liberal they've become. Boehner, Graham, ect.

Gary said...

The GOP is like a clog in the toilet drain.

The Democrats keep flushing Marxist crap down all day long, but the clog blocks most of it from getting through.

Better a clog controlling the House than a free flowing Pelsoi pipe.