Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tea Party members much closer to Libertarian Party

S.W. Reynolds, Henderson


Henderson, Kentucky,
I enjoy Mr. Hall's submissions. This time I am convinced that he needs to check the proofage of his Vitamin G.

I have to wonder what kind of monster does Mr. Hall reckon the T.E.A. movement to be. A true T.E.A. person is well-informed and far closer to the Libertarian Party than the other two. They also regard political parties to be serious threats to our freedoms. They support the American and state Constitutions with the freedoms set forth within, not the utopian society envisioned by Engels and Marx.

Almost all of the modern conveniences and advanced medical procedures that the world enjoys would never have been created in any place other than a free society.

To illustrate the difference between a draconian tax and regulatory state, Kentucky, and a freer state all one needs do is drive through Clarksville on U.S. 41. One will see the marked contrast. On the Kentucky side 41 is little better than a gravel road with businesses shuttered and or abandoned.

Once at the Tennessee state line the road is wide, smooth and businesses flourish.

Wyoming residents enjoy no state income tax, sales tax of 4 percent, property tax less than Kentucky and a fine infrastructure despite the additional challenges presented by weather and topography. Their unemployment rate is well south of the nation's rate at well under 7 percent.

Perhaps if our esteemed governor would look toward these states he could find practical solutions to Kentucky's problems. If the federal government would look to these states, it too could find solutions to our current malaise. One suggestion I have is the Fair Tax Act, which would allow everyone 100 percent of their money with a national sales tax being the only tax. Just imagine not dreading what Jan. 1 brings nor totally fearing April 15

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