Monday, December 31, 2012

SHOCKER! Acid attack on German beauty queen by two Turkish Muslims


From Eric Dondero:

The top French news agency Le Figaro is reporting, "Allemagne: attaquée à l'acide sulfurique." A young woman in Hilden Germany (near Dusseldorf) has been attacked by two Muslim men who threw acid on her face when she answered the door. One of the men is her ex-boyfriend.
La jeune femme, âgée de 20 ans, avait ouvert la porte de son domicile samedi matin quand un inconnu l'a aspergée avec un liquide contenu dans une boîte de conserve, a expliqué la police de Mettmann.

"La victime a immédiatement ressenti une vive sensation de brûlure au visage et a alors appelé les secours" qui ont constaté qu'il s'agissait d'acide, a-t-on indiqué. Grièvement blessée, la jeune femme a été évacuée vers un hôpital de la région, mais son pronostic vital n'est pas engagé, a-t-on précisé. La grand-mère de la jeune femme a également été légèrement blessée par le liquide.

Deux suspects ont été arrêtés après l'attaque par la police. Le premier, âgé de 22 ans, d'origine turque, a été arrêté samedi. Pendant sa garde à vue, il aurait indiqué aux enquêteurs avoir commandité l'agression auprès d'une de ses connaissances, ont indiqué la police de Mettmann et le parquet de Düsseldorf dans un communiqué commun. Il a été présenté à un juge et écroué.
(Translation mine):
The young woman, aged 20, had opened the door of her home Saturday morning when an unknown assailant sprayed a liquid contained in a metal cup, explained the police of Mettmann.

"The victim immediately felt a sharp burning sensation in the face and then called for help" who found that it was acid, it was indicated. Seriously injured, the young woman was evacuated to a local hospital, but her prognosis was not available, sources said. The grandmother of the young woman was also slightly injured by the liquid.

Two suspects were arrested by the police after the attack. The first, aged 22, of Turkish origin, was arrested Saturday. During his detention, he would have indicated to investigators that he had an an acquaintance in the aggression, said police and prosecutors Mettmann Düsseldorf in a joint statement. He was brought before a judge and imprisoned.

The second suspect, 18-year-old alleged assault, went to police Sunday and was to be presented to a judge. "The assault was committed with sulfuric acid that the assailants had bought from a pharmacy," authorities said.
The German publication Die Welt released the victims name Reyhan A. and adds that one of the assailants is her ex-boyfriend. Counter-Jihad blogs out of Europe are suggesting that the assailant stalked her for two years and warned her that he would throw acid in her face if she did not temper her social life.

Photo from the German blog Islamxgut.


mitsukurina said...

The "honour" attacks on women are gettingly insanely out of control -- not just in Germany; but the UK where I recall a number of murders of young westernised women by psychopathic family members. Makes one wish for a return of the gallows.

Eric Dondero said...

Nah, what is it that the Ron Paul libertarians and non-interventionists say? Nothing to see here... there's nothing wrong with Islam... there's no threat to the West... that's just crazy talk... Just "Neo-connism"... move along... move along now...

The Right Guy said...

It's not a war to be won by military, but a cultural war.

Eric Dondero said...

Yeah, okay, Right Guy. Frankly, I don't give a flying fuck how we fight this war. BUT WE MUST WIN IT ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

And the first step to winning the war is to acknowledge we have a problem. Unfortunatly, our Ron Paul friends don't want to do that.

Eric Dondero said...

Revise: "Too many of our Ron Paul friends..."

You and a handful of other Paulists are an extreme exception.

Charlie said...

And how does won win said war??? The Asian Muslim population is far more stable than the barbaric Arabs, can you use places like Malaysia and Indonesia to influence Egyt, Syria, etc. It seems the only options now are bad ideas. We fought them in Iraq, we aided them in Lybia, either way the cause is lost.

As for most of Europe fucking themselves with immigration, well you can't fix stupid :-)

The Right Guy said...

The most stable? Not sure what is meant. I've met bosnians that liked to drink and party. Definitely not the sharia types. The best defense is liberty. Islamists cannot function in a society that is free. When they act out, like this or worse, shit can them. Make an example that their ways will not be tolerated. After a generation, you'll see a big change.

Gary said...

Islam has been a threat to the West since 630 AD when the Muslims first attacked the armies of the Roman Empire.

Nothing has changed. look for a Muslim nuke to be planted near Eric's house any day now.

Libertarian Advocate said...

And America's Democrats respond with:

And all this time I thought it's the Republicans and conservatives who are waging a war on women. Oh, Barack, how could you have lied to us? How? We're so disappointed!

Well, one can dream. RIGHT?

Rational Nation USA said...

Well Eric, fight extreme violent Islam we must. Fighting it while winning the high ground is important as well. We'll have a lot fewer enemies to fight if we do.

Don't pretend to know the solution but destroying the Islamic world certainly isn't the answer. There's more of them than there is of us. And the extreme element is a shit load more crazy than out crazy element.

Erich Domdero said...

I'm pretty sure Eric is almost as crazy as extremist Muslims.