Thursday, December 6, 2012

Serfdom comes to Belarus

Beleo-russians now fleeing to Russia to find jobs

by Clifford F. Thies

It is called the law of supply. In countries that fall deeper and deeper into socialism, as the economy becomes increasingly dysfunctional, as the moochers and apparchicks find the shelves bare, the orders are issued that people may not quit their jobs in "key" industries and, of course, they may not leave the country either.

An AP story now comes from that little place that God somehow continues to overlook called Belarus. As skilled workers leave for better opportunities in Russia, the dictator Alexander Lukashenko forbids them from leaving or even quitting their jobs. Jobs that pay $600 - 800 a month in Russia, they are paid $150 a month in Belarus.

Not to dispair, said Lukashenko, because in 2014, you too will be paid $600 - 800 a month. To this one worker is quoted as saying, my children cannot wait until 2014 to eat.


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