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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Season of Joy turns to utter despair for Republican Americans: Christmas Eve Poll finds GOPers deeply sorrowful and pessimistic about the future of the country

"Substantial increase in GOP gloom," from 2006

From US News, "72 Percent of Republicans Fear New Year":
For Republicans, it may be the season to be jolly, but not optimistic.

Seventy-two percent of Republicans are fearful about their future in 2013, and 79 percent fear for the world, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. This is a substantial increase in GOP gloom since 2006, when only 20 percent said they were fearful about their personal future during the Republican presidency of George W. Bush. Fifty-four percent of Republicans were fearful about their personal prospects after Democrat Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008.

In contrast, three-quarters of Democrats are hopeful about their own lives today, the same as in 2008, the poll found, as are half of independents.

Overall, 53 percent of Americans say they are hopeful for themselves in 2013, and 44 percent are more fearful, but 56 percent are more fearful for the world in general. This represents a decline in optimism from four years ago, when President Obama was poised to take office and when 63 percent said they were hopeful about their future.
Editor's comment - A gentle reminder from Libertarian Republican. Tis the season to "Go Dondero." De-vorce, De-friend, and De-employ all the Democrats in your life.


Rational Nation USA said...

Are mirrors used in this day and age by either left or right partisans? Methinks not.

Merry Christmas, the last laugh belongs to the oligarchs. Cause after all Americans don't mind being manipulated. Or so it seems.

Eric Dondero said...

So Les, you're not aligned with us on the right? If you're not on the right, you're either a leftist or leaning left.

The Freedom train only moves in one direction.

Eric Dondero said...

There's only one "oligarch": The Obama-Muslim-Marxist media/political complex.

Erich Domdero said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Eric Dondero said...

REMINDER: Those who wish to post under bogus on-line handles, there is a DONATION button at the bottom of LR. We request that you donate $$ before you post.

Eric - The Management

Erich Domdero said...

We already knew libertarian republicans hate poor people.

Rational Nation USA said...

It ain't the libertarian republicans, it's the oligarchs, the modern day money changers you and the rest of the population need to fear.

The politicians, as well as the rest are being played and manipulated for the purpose of keeping the nation divided against itself. They win, the rest of the nation loses.

As the oligarchs laugh, and laugh, and laugh...

TheTracker said...

"The Freedom train only moves in one direction."

Despite you and the rest of your neo-fascist dead-enders lying (pun intended) on the tracks . . . the Freedom Train rolls on.

Happy 5th year of the Obama Presidency!

jgeleff said...

Are we really going to winnow this down to "Republican Americans"?

Eric Dondero said...

Yup, us "neo-fascists," who want to legalize drugs, prostitution, gambling, protect free speech including pornography, repeal seat belt laws, lower the drinking age, protect the rights of bikers to ride without helmets, keep IRS agents from harassing American citizens, stop Muslims from hanging gays on lampposts, protect women's rights to walk down the street without being required to wear burkas.

What's that again. We're "neo-fascists"?

Erich Domdero said...

You don't want to stop Muslims. You want to deport all of them. Because they don't fit your narrow view of what an American should be.

Rational Nation USA said...

American Muslims should; speak our language, support our constitution, soundly support efforts to expose Islamic terrorism while loudly denouncing it, and support Israel's right to exist.

I think this would be quit satisfactory to Eric. Not unreasonable at all.

Erich Domdero said...

Many do.

Rational Nation USA said...

Unfortunately more do not.