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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ron Paul on CNBC: Who will benefit ultimately with Fiscal Cliff? Democrats will win, with liberal media bias and spin


From Eric Dondero:

When he's hot, he's red hot. The entire interview is fan-fuckin'-tabulous. On ignoring the spending side of the equation in fiscal talks:
"Nobody is talking about cutting any spending. Republicans and Democrats they pretend they’re fighting up there, but they really aren’t. They’re arguing over power, spin, and who looks good, and who looks bad, but they’re all trying to preserve this system where they can spend what they want...

They are so they so far removed from admitting the seriousness of this crisis and if they don’t admit it, they can’t solve the problem. They’re like a bunch of drug addicts that just want another fix. That’s what they are looking for."
But an even more biting comment from the soon-to-be "former" Congressman from Texas, in response to a question by CNBC talking head Amelia Bordeaux on who will get blamed, who will be in a better position if we do go over the cliff?:
Well, it's the people who have control over the spin. And that's the Democrats. You know, the Republicans, even with all their shortcomings have actually passed bills that would have solved this problem. With the spin accomplished by the senate, the president, and the media, it makes it look like the Republicans don't care about anything.


Rational Nation USA said...

America had its chance, and blew it. America and its electorate can now look on the mirror as they bitch and moan.

Eric Dondero said...


Erich Domdero said...

I so wish that he gotten the nomination. Getting 3 electoral votes would have been hilarious!

Rational Nation USA said...

Had that been the case it would have said more about the electorate of the USA than it would have said about Paul.

Instead the rEpublicans put up Mittens the great flip flopper who would have ensured the status quo and kept the oligarchs happy. Much as Obama is doing.

Chuck said...

Ron Paul is a fraud. He never had a chance of being nominated to the head of anything but that goofball Star Trek convention known as the Libertarian Party.
The Republican party has never had a better candidate than Mitt Romney. He was the most competent man to run for that office since Eisenhower...and it didn't matter to the gaggle of dipshits and flakes who make up the American electorate. If you doubt me, simply read the stupid fucking lies told about him by otherwise intelligent people who claim to give a shit about liberty. They're just as shallow and blind as the average Brakabama supporter.

Chuck said...

In fact, they ARE Brakabama supporters. They're simply too stupid to understand that. Every time you hear some brain dead fuck tell you about Mitt Romney being a "flip-flapper" or some other juvenile bullshit just remember the person saying it caused this. These vermin had a chance top stop the destruction about to be wrought and they chose to jerk off instead.

Erich Domdero said...

Calling what other people say juvenile bullshit. Now that's funny!

Chuck said...

To a child all manner of things are funny. You have the intellect of an insect...and the character.

Erich Domdero said...

Hypocrisy. You have it in spades.

Rational Nation USA said...

Chuck, I've held my tongue long enough. You are a loud mouth school yard bully that has shit for brains and belive you make a difference by insulting those who are obviously your superior in every sense.

You are the biggest jerk off of them all. Probably have fun masturbating that grain of sand sized brain of your into a stupor every night.

Your obnoxious and childish behaviour is exceeded only by your stupidity. Now why don't you entertain the only person who gives a flying fuck about your regular stream of crap... Yourself.