Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Racist hate crime in PA: Young European-American mother killed at her doorstep, after she tells two beggars to "get a job"

They were hitting her up for free cigarettes

From Eric Dondero:

Obama's entitlement America. We've now reached the point where a refusal to minority youths begging for money or gifts on the street, may just get you killed.

They followed the couple home from a convenience store, taunting them along the way. When they reached the gate of their home, the common-law wife Kayla Peterson turned to the teenagers and said, "get a job." They shot her in the stomach and fled. The common-law husband embraced her one last time. She told him she loved him. She died. Now a two-year old daughter will grow up without a mom.

A family friend quoted at WTAE TV News:
The next thing you know, they just pull out a gun and shoot for no reason. It was just over a cigarette…Now, my friend lost his girlfriend — an amazing, amazing girl, and she was such a good mother, too — and now her child has to grow up without her mother being there.”
Editor's comment - This video is appearing this morning on a number of conservative websites. (Of note, no national media in the US is covering the story, just the UK Daily Mail.) Amazingly, conservative media are falling prey to PC. They're not mentioning the race of the assailants, nor suggesting moocherism as a cause in the murder. Another difference between us anti-PC LIBERTARIANS, and our wussy-ass conservative friends.


Mr. Mcgranor said...

European-American and Hate Crime? You are 'p.c.'



I'd lynch those mother fuckers if i was that boyfriend. Believe me there would be thousands with me.

The Right Guy said...

Time for those guys to meet Stanley®.

Charlie said...

And in other news, ben Bernanke pushes us toward Banana Republic status faster than even Bronco Bama envisioned. QE4=Fuck You American wage slaves! serve your masters in perpetuity.

Eric Dondero said...

Apologies to Jim, Wesley and other LR Readers. I bumped this to the top for today, and lost the previous comments.

Good to see y'all are commenting here.

Eric - The Management

Eric Dondero said...

Thanks Domdero. You're right, it's "beggars."m Will correct.

The Right Guy said...

You didn't have to do that. You can unpublish something instead of deleting it.

No shit, but it's ok because Boehner was a bar owner and it's just money.

Jemas said...

For those of you keeping track at home, this is the second horrible act of violence in as many days that you have tried to politicize. The first (the deplorable act of protestors striking a fox news commentator) was at least tangentially related to politics.

This? This is just you deciding "Oh, she was killed by homeless people, so our political ideologies must be right." Never mind that your connections are bullshit. You just want to hop on a horrible tragedy and make it all about you.

That sound? That's the sound of you being scum.

Queens, New York, NY

The Right Guy said...

It's not about ideology as much as right and wrong. I don't think it's a hate crime as those things ascribed that are really aggravating circumstances to be reviewed at sentencing. As a society, we've become too used to catering to low lifes and other miscreants such that they feel empowered to behave without consequence. They have a right to a speedy and fair trial. Then they need to go away.

Erich Domdero said...
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Ran / SVP said...

Eric, Jemas has a point.

It's not Obama's entitlement America... it's Jemas' entitlement America. Everything Lil' Jemas believes in is hurtin'. It's *his* America on display in PA. Too bad Kayla had to pay the price for Jemas' voting patterns.

Eric Dondero said...

"Oh, she was killed by homeless people, so our political ideologies must be right."


"Oh, she was killed by moocher beggars..."

There, fixed it for ya.

Eric Dondero said...

A "tragedy"? Are you fucking kidding me? This ain't no goddamned "tragedy." This is a brutal racist cold-blooded murder.

Ask yourself this question: If this woman had been black or Hispanic, you think those two thugs would have killed her? Fuck no. They targetted her because she was WHITE!

And you fucking piece of shit racist mother fucker have the audacity to come here and spout fucking political correct bullshit. Take your crap somewhere's else bud. Take a fucking hike and get off of my website. And stay the fuck out of here!

Eric Dondero said...

Jim, sure you're right. We do cater to cretins of all races, including white scumbags.

However, ask yourself this question. Do you think she would have been murdered if she was black or Hispanic? I seriously doubt it. Possible, but not likely. They killed her cause she was white and had the audacity to talk back to them.

The Right Guy said...

That can't be proven yet, to my knowledge. The cops will interrogate them and we'll see,

Jemas said...

It's very exhausting arguing with people who don't... inhabit reality.

Okay so, you all seem to be under the impression that you know more about the homeless situation than I do, so allow me to be completely blunt:

I live in New York City! I work in Manhattan! Homeless capital of the country! I probably see and deal with more homeless people in a day than and of you do in a week!

There are homeless people everywhere, a lot of them aren't completely stable or sane and they occasionally do awful things. I used to work on the street in Times Square and I was regularly attacked or screamed at by homeless. My boss, who was black, was also regularly attacked. Often for no reason. He once got punched in the face for smiling at someone the wrong way. Crazy people do crazy things. YOU are the one subscribing a racial aspect to this with no evidence, but again, I live in reality, you live in an insane fantasy world.

And no. This not my America. My America wouldn't allow things like this to happen. This is YOUR America. YOU want no gun laws, which would allow worthless scum like these criminals to get guns. YOU want to cut help for the homeless that would and does leave thousands of homeless hungry and desperate enough to do horrible things.

Want to explain how my voting patterns, which promote help for the poor and homeless, as well as moderate gun control (I'm an Alaskan, I want to keep my guns, but I don't want crazy people having them) amongst other things caused this? And you want to provide proof of a racial aspect to this, other than 'The victim was white'? Or would asking that your statements and beliefs conform to reality be a little too much?

And if you're going to use a woman's horrible murder as a jumping off point to talk about how homeless people are all moochers, you better be ready to be called out on it. And there's no point in talking about it, when your ideas would leave more people homeless and destitute. So explain, if the homeless are such a problem, how would your ideas fix it?

Queens, New York, NY

Chuck said...

" This is YOUR America. YOU want no gun laws, which would allow worthless scum like these criminals to get guns."

What law, jeepers?

" And there's no point in talking about it, when your ideas would leave more people homeless and destitute."

No, shit for brains. It's the democrat party doing that, and it's going to increase while lying sacks of dogshit like you blame it on phantoms...and freedom.

Fuck you. Get out of my country, you fucking parasite.

The Right Guy said...

Born, raised and lived in NY for 40 years. Attitude is everything and failing that, a loaded gun works too. Kilvinski's law rules.

electromag.11 said...

This entire conversation is a good example of how the right to free speech guarantees that the political influence of extremists on the fringe of society will always remain commensurate with their ability to comprehend reality and convey their subjective opinion of how their understanding accurately reflects reality.