Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pennsylvania Republican lawmaker introduces bill to allocate state's EVs proportionately

by Clifford F. Thies Readers of LR know we've been promoting the idea of the Purple States controlled by the GOP adopting the Maine-Nebraska method of allocating Electoral Votes. We semi-seriously proposed this early during the year, to lock up a win for Mitt Romney. After the election, our analysis of the results indicates that Romney would indeed have won if the Purple States controlled by the GOP had followed our advice. With the election done, and with plenty of time to seal the deal for 2016, we now seriously propose this idea (along with filing a Constitutional Amendment to impose the Maine-Nebaska method on all states).

Now comes a Republican state legislator from Pennsylvania, the Majority Leader of the State Senate no less, with a similar idea. Bloomberg is reporting that Dominic Pileggi is proposing that the Keystone state's EVs be allocated proportionately according to the statewide popular vote. Bloomberg expects that other states will follow-up.

Remember, there are no, zero, nunca Red or Purple States controlled by the other party. Thus, there is no way they could retaliate. but, we could take Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin off the table, practically insuring that we would win 2016 even if we were to lose the nationwide popular vote by as much as 3 percent. We win the Romney states plus a reasonable share of the Congressional Districts in the aforementioned list of Purple States and we win. Heck, it's possible we'll take control of several additional Purple States in the mid-terms (Colorado, Minnesota and Nevada, maybe even Oregon).

The beauty of the Maine-Nebraska method is that it would hardly matter how big the Democrats run up the majorities in their districts. Let them expel Republican poll watchers from their districts. Let them get 100 percent of the vote in their districts. Let them get more vote than adults living in their districts (which they sometimes do). While these suspicious behaviors might affect the allocation of the two at-large EVs of the state, they would have no effect otherwise.


jgeleff said...

Hell, there are even portions of New York City (Staten Island)where the GOP would get an EV.

Gary said...

Gerrymandering . . . corruption is as old as the Republic itself.

mitsukurina said...

By the look of the map; there has already been some gerrymandering done.