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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Obama's favorite CEO Jeffrey Immelt enthusiastically endorses Communism on Public Broadcasting, Charlie Rose

Pass this video along to Democrat friends who doubt Obama's Marxist ties!

From Eric Dondero:

No hyperbole in the headline. Yes, appearing on PBS last night, General Electric's chief Jeffrey Immelt really does endorse Communism, by name.

Take a look at the enthusiasm he expresses as he describes a state-controlled economy, and in his view, communism's utter efficiency.

Nah, liberals aren't Marxists. Obama and his Democrat supporters are just left-of-center don't you know... Nothing to see here... Move along... move along now...


Gary said...

China is not Communist. They have abandoned Communism for Fascism - a blend of private corporate and government power.

Eric Dondero said...

I agree. But Immelt here endorses their communist model by name.

mitsukurina said...

Most businessmen are closet Stalinists.

mitsukurina said...

Most businessmen are closet Stalinists.

Eric Dondero said...

Most OBAMA businessmen are closet Stalinists.

There, fixed it for ya.

Brad said...

Obviously, China is experiencing growth as they move TOWARDS an American style free market economy. People who have been held captive by the state now having opportunities they previously never had. America will NOT see the same results moving towards an Obama communist economy. People once free moving towards a state controlled economy will NOT prove to be a success. Durrrr

Shawn said...

Don't forget the CATO Institute, the Petersen Institute, the US Chamber of Commerce, the US-China Business Council and the Club for Growth who are running cover Communist China. I equate them with the Copperhead Northerners who sympathized with the Confederacy and the German-American Bund as well as the Rockerfeller/Ford crowd that sympathized with the Third Reich.