Monday, December 10, 2012

NY Times columnist let's it slip: America's "poor" are actually quite rich

Air-conditioning, washing machines, microwave ovens all paid for by Uncle Sam; no incentive to actually work for a living

NY Times editorialist Nicholas Kristoff, "Profiting From a Child’s Illiteracy" Dec. 7:
THIS is what poverty sometimes looks like in America: parents here in Appalachian hill country pulling their children out of literacy classes. Moms and dads fear that if kids learn to read, they are less likely to qualify for a monthly check for having an intellectual disability.

This is painful for a liberal to admit, but conservatives have a point when they suggest that America’s safety net can sometimes entangle people in a soul-crushing dependency.

Some young people here don’t join the military (a traditional escape route for poor, rural Americans) because it’s easier to rely on food stamps and disability payments.
Nearly all homes here in the Appalachian hill country now have electricity and running water, and people aren’t starving.

Of American families living in poverty today, 8 out of 10 have air-conditioning, and a majority have a washing machine and dryer. Nearly all have microwave ovens.
Editor's comment - So why in the bloody hell do taxpayers have to continue dishing out dollars for welfare programs? So, these welfare rats can sit on their asses and watch silly-ass TV sitcoms, and reality shows all day long? (Photo credit - Hollywood Reporter)

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Chuck said...

Appalachian hill country? That honey poo poo show is down by Macon. The only hills down there are landfills.