Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nudity too explicit for art students says Turkish government

News from Overseas...

From the Lebanon, Nude paintings taken down at Turkey state art gallery, Dec. 19:
Turkish officials have taken down an exhibition of paintings of nude women at a state art gallery, it was reported Wednesday. Observers condemned the move as censorship.

The show of 29 oil paintings by prolific Turkish artist and teacher Emin Guloren was due to run in the State Fine Arts Gallery in the northwestern city of Eskisehir for 10 days but was closed down earlier this week, trade union official said.

“When the artist’s students entered the gallery to see the exhibition on Monday, they saw the paintings of the nudes had been taken down and were lying facedown on the floor,” said Ali Pasa Sanli, head of the Education Union in Eskisehir.

“We consider this as censorship,” Sanli said. “An artist has the freedom to express freely and this freedom cannot be restricted.”
Editor's note - Curiously, there has been little if any media coverage of this in the U.S.

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