Sunday, December 23, 2012

NRA comes out swinging wildly: protect the 2nd Amendment, violate the 1st

There are alternative Gun Rights groups for those who support Constitutional Rights across the board

by Clifford F. Thies

After a week of silence, Wayne LaPierre, president of the National Rifle Association, came out swinging: armed police officers should be stationed at school, and violent video games - not guns - should be blamed.

Correctly, LaPierre pointed out that murder rates and crime rates in general did not go up following the expiration of the assault gun ban, and there is no reason to expect restoring the assault gun ban would cause either to fall. The assault gun ban is simply a red flag. They other side can't help but be attracted to it.

Correctly, LaPierre pointed out that violence in schools sky-rocketed following the safe schools act that all but banned guns in schools. School practically advertise that they are the place of choice for mass murderers.

Correctly, LaPierre pointed out that the news media practically encourages mass murders, by focusing the attention of the nation on them.

And, correctly, LaPierre pointed out that violent video games and the idolizing of the gangster culture by the entertainment media and their friends in the Democratic Party impresses young minds, leading some to consider mass murder to be a choice.

But, incorrectly, LaPierre left the impression that the proper response to mass murder is to strengthen one Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Second, while weakening another, the First.

A free society cultures people to be socially- as well as self-responsible, by requiring that each person be self-supporting or else be taken taken of, privately, by another, or else become a ward of the state. Our free society is being undermined by the entitlement mentality that says that people do not have to be self-supporting, that people are entitled to be supported by the state with no impingement on their freedom. Accordingly, their is a rise in crime as well as a rise in dependency in those places where the new, entitlement society is on the rise and where our old, free and self-responsible society is on the wane.

In a free society, individuals exercise wide range of personal choice, basically anything goes that doesn't interfere with the equal exercise of freedom of others. People come to use this freedom well because they bear the consequences of their decisions. But, in an entitlement society, people are protected from the consequences of their bad decisions, and not allowed to profit by the consequences of their good decisions. Accordingly, all norms of right and wrong become arbitrary. Morality is reduced to the extension of power by the state. Smoking marijuana is good, and smoking tobacco is bad, or is it the other way around, depending on who won the last election. Once the cat is out of the bag, and people see that there is no morality, that all the rules are just made up by the state, the only restraint on crime are the odds you'll be caught and what punishment will then be meted out.

For a person living in a basement, with no job, with no friends, and no prospect ever of a job or of having friends, what, really, is risked by mass murder? The death penalty? Why, in most states, you're not even subject to that form of punishment. Your so-called punishment is a retirement village in which your every need is a claim on the taxpayer, including dental and vision benefits many working people "on the outside" don't have.

True, if you only pop one or two poor dumb sonuvabitches you'll be just a statistic, not even reported outside your home town, and perhaps even ignored altogether if you're from Chicago. But, if you manage to kill a dozen or more, you'll have your moment of glory. The nation will be riveted on you and your pimply face and how pathetic was your life and shouldn't we have done more for you. Even the President of the United States will be your yo-yo.

But, where can you line up so many victims before somebody you can take you out? Where? Why one of those places where nobody has a gun and there are lots of innocent little children.

Libertarian suppported gun rights groups,, JPFO, and the Libertarian Party


Chuck said...

"But, incorrectly, LaPierre left the impression that the proper response to mass murder is to strengthen one Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Second, while weakening another, the First."

Gee. One would think that after such an accusation there might be something offered to support it.

Left the impression? That's some thin fucking stew, Cliff.

The Right Guy said...

Weakening the first?

Ran / SVP said...

Was Cliff making a funny?

Either way, Wayne LaPierre is way off target, but is has SFA to do with 1A.