Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Norway comes up with a brilliant solution to help solve the Muslim rape wave on Western women over the Christmas season: "Girls only" Taxi-cabs, free of charge

There's only one catch... The Taxi-cab drivers are all Muslim

From Eric Dondero:

Theater of the absurd. This is how liberal democracies enveloped in multiculturalism and political correctness solve the rape problem in inner cities. Provide free taxi-cab service for females between the ages of 20 and 30, who might be traveling alone on a night about town. There has been a massive wave of immigrant Muslim men raping native Norwegian women in recent years, particularly in Oslo. But Norwegian authorities see no irony in allowing the free taxis to be run by Muslim men.

From Gorrudelen.no, Jentetaxi – en tryggere hjemreise for jenter:
Det er Sparebank 1 Oslo Akershus og P5 som står bak prosjektet ”Jentetaxi” gjennom sitt samfunnsansvar «Vi bryr oss». De har med seg Natteravnene og Christiania Taxi som samarbeidspartnere. Hovedstaden har nå fått to gratis Jentetaxier, som skal bidra til et tryggere lokalsamfunn i julebordstiden.

Fra 21. november til og med lille julaften mellom kl. 22.00 til kl.05.00. skal to jentetaxier rulle i Oslos gater, og kjøre så mange jenter de klarer gratis og trygt hjem fra byen.

– Vi ønsker at byen skal bli et tryggere sted for jentene våre. I år har vi utvidet med én bil mer som kommer til å gjøre en stor forskjell i denne julebordsperioden, sier Monica Belinchon, lokalbanksjef SpareBank 1 Lambertseter.
Translation by The Observer blogger, out of Norway:
SpareBank 1 Oslo Akershus and P5 are behind the project “girls-only taxi” through their social responsibility project, “We care”. They have joined forces with Natteravnene [Adult volunteers walking the city streets on weekends] and Christiania Taxi. The capital now has two free girls-only taxis, which will contribute to a safer community during the Christmas holiday.

The two girls-only taxis will be on the streets of Oslo from November 21 to December 23, between 10pm and 5am and drive as many girls as possible home from town free of charge.

“We want the city to become a safer place for our girls. This year we’ve added another car, which will make a big difference during the Christmas party period,” says Monica Belinchon, the local manager of SpareBank 1 Lambertseter
Later in the article:
“Girls-only taxis” will be on the streets of Oslo and focus on those areas where girls normally try to get a lift home from unknown cab drivers..."
And of course, the two taxi-cab drivers identified in the article are named... wait for it... here it comes!:
Waqar Ahmed and Naveed Khawar
Though, neither is identified as a "Muslim," in the 23 paragraph piece.

Photo on top, not of Norwegian cab drivers, rather a Muslim taxi-cab terrorist ring in the UK recently convicted. H/t Gates of Vienna


randian said...

The Norwegians are true geniuses.

The Right Guy said...

If they are so smart, why'd they let miscreants in the country and put up with it? It's hard to believe these people were vikings.