Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nikki Haley names ... TIM SCOTT!!!

by Clifford F. Thies

I'm sorry to report this, but it looks as though we won't have any black Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives next year. The outspoken Congressman from Florida, Allen West, was defeated in his bid for re-election in November. And, now, the soft-spoken Congressman from South Carolina, Tim Scott WILL BE APPOINTED TO THE U.S. SENATE!

In saying she will tap Scott to temporarily fill the seat being vacated by Senator Jim DeMint, Governor Nikki Haley said she expected him to "fly through 2014," referring to the election to permanently fill the seat. Senator DeMint, who will be taking over at Heritage Foundation, called his replacement a "great choice."

So we move on. John Allison replacing Ed Crane at Cato. Jim DeMint replacing Ed Feulner at Heritage. And, Congressman Scott taking Senator DeMint's place. While, from time to time, our line has thinned out, but new leadership has always been there to replace the old. The Torch of Liberty passes from one to another generation. We are the Immortals!

Editor's note - This website was pro-Tim Scott, before being pro-Tim Scott was cool. We were supporters of the Tea Party-affiliated, libertarian-leaning Congressman very, very early on.


jgeleff said...

Wait a minute. According to MSNBC, the GOP hates black people. How in the HELL did this happen?

Eric Dondero said...

Dunno. That's a good point. The media tells us Republicans hate black people. Man, this is a weird one Jerry. Must be some sort of fluke.

Rita said...

I'm so happy that Scott will be the next SC senator.

Eric Dondero said...

You know, he's an interesting guy. He was a "lost boy," until some Chik A-filet manager took him under his wing and taught him the business, and taught him values of hard work. Turned him into a conservative.

FINCHNEST13 said...

MSNBC can't ever be wrong. The GOP does hate black people. Wait a minute, maybe this man had a socialist white mother, white socialist grandparents and a black socialist Kenyan father -- no, I got confused for a moment. It's Obama with the socialist white mother, socialist white grandparents, and a black Kenyan father. Maybe Obama needs to have another "beer summit" to bring MSNBC and the GOP together or at least to some sort of understanding of how this incident of appointing a black man to replace a white man who resigned happened -- not to mention, make sure that it doesn't happen again. After all, this racial profiling has got to stop.